Hello, Dark Warriors. It is time. We are faced with an opposition of Really Pathetic Failures and DCP. Our allies in the grand alliance shall take care of RPF, while we march straight into the heart of DCP’s prized empire. We must fight for our nation. The Doritos are an evil army who says and does bad stuff and we must never let them take over Club Penguin. Attend these events to the BEST of your abilities and owners step up the recruiting.

Note: All servers listed here are taken from DCP’s Server Page.


Wednesday – September 17th



7:00pm EST, 6:00pm CST, 5:00pm MST, 4:00pm PST

Server: Snowy River – Town



Our HQ

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Remember to attend the huge battle today. Check the countdown timer on the left side of the website or check the post called [EVENT SCHEDULE] for battle times. Try to attend!

I’m Your New 3ic!

Hello, Dark Warriors!

I’m Tirodoragon, former Pirates 2ic and Light Troops Leader. Now I’m 3ic in Dark Warriors. I’ll recruit as much as I can, to make DW even bigger than now! I’m from Poland so I’ll be able to come just to UK events. If you want you can comment this post to ask me a question. Alright, that’s all.

DWNC: CP Magazine Issue #35 Sneak Peak!

Hello, Dark Warriors!

This Thursday on the 18th of September – the 35th issue of Club Penguin’s Magazines will be out in the United Kingdom! Daffodaily5 got her hands on a copy in advance so she made a post to promote it. Here is what she had to say:

It’s full of the usual assortment of puzzles, articles, competitions and island features that you’ve come to expect from this brill publication! Plus, as always, it’s got some epic comics, so I thought I’d share this panel with you so that you can decide what’s being said in this scene:


What do you think? Medieval scene, big box… what do you think he’s saying? Leave your thoughts in the comments! :)

I sure would want a Medieval Party. What do you guys think? Leave a comment below :D

Stay Strong, Do Not Let Enemies Discourage You.

The Rebel Penguin Federation helped the Doritos in our Defense of Frosty today, so this is 2 versus 1, but we will still win. The Dark Warriors will stay strong and fight all of our enemies with pride, don’t let the enemy intimidate you & stay loyal to us. The Doritos are real cowards for using allies even though they said invasions would be invalid if one of us brought allies. 

YOU Are A Legend!

Hey there Dark Warriors! Sorry for not posting for a while. School was my priority, so that explains my absences.

Here with a motivational post: YOU Are A Legend. And it’s true. I am a legend, you are a legend, the DW leaders are legends. Even though you may not be individually recognized, that doesn’t mean you aren’t a legend. A Legend is a person who works extremely hard for their army, recruits, attends events, hangs around on chat as much as possible, comments and/or posts on the site, and more.

You guys are the only reason why the Dark Warriors CP Army exists! If there were no troops, there would be no army, and no leader to be appointed.

So just remember, by being in DW, you have made yourself worthy of being a legend! :D

~Agt R


Hello Dark Warriors!

After battling DCP on Summit earlier, we logged on to defend our beloved Capital server and Headquarters, Frosty. DCP decided to violate the war rules, and use about 15 RPF troops to help them. If they want to use allies, they can, but we still were better than them. It shows how pathetic DCP and RPF are even when they work together. Anyways, We did great, maxing sizes of 35, averaging 32 on CP. It is now proven that Doritos are tasty, and are nothing more than a food.

~Bad, Dark Warriors 2ic


Hello Dark Warriors.

Today, this very battle, marks the beginning of our war with the Doritos. We will dominate this whole war, and continue to snack on DCP, because they are simply a food. We completely embarrassed DCP, maxing sizes of 35 averaging 33 on Summit.

Drake Edit: Congrats, Dark Warriors. We marched straight to the heart of their empire and forced them to abandon their capital Summit. Summit is now ours. Prepare to defend our own capital Frosty soon.

I found the DCP’s multilogging squad!

~Bad, Dark Warriors 2ic


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