Wednesday – DW vs RPF – Practice Battle

Practice Battle


TODAY!!! 4/23/14

8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 6:00pm MST, 5:00pm PST

Server: Sleet - Location: Ice Berg

Be on 10 Minutes Early!


Comment if you can come!

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Battle vs RPF today! Everyone Attend!

At today’s practice battle we will show RPF who’s boss. Since DW and RPF have close to the same uniform, both armies will be changing colors. Dark Warriors will change into Dark Blue. Rebel Penguin Federation will be Red. 


Hello, Troops!

Make sure you can attend these battles. We need all soldiers to come so we can continue being the best army of all time.

:!: Practice Battle vs RPF :!:

Date: Wednesday, April 23rd

Server: Sleet


8:00PM Eastern Standard Time

7:00PM Central Standard Time

6:00PM Mountain Standard Time

5:00PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time


:!: Practice Battle vs [???] :!:

Date: Saturday, April 26th

Server: Sleet, Town


3:00PM Eastern Standard Time

2:00PM Central Standard Time

1:00PM Mountain Standard Time

12:00PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time

8:00PM United Kingdom Time


:!: CPAC Spring Tournament Round 1 :!:

DW vs RF

Date: Sunday, April 26th

Server: Klondike


1:30PM Eastern Standard Time

12:30PM Central Standard Time

11:30PM Mountain Standard Time

10:30PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time

6:30PM United Kingdom Time



Active Count [All Dark Warriors Comment On This]

You can use a made up email to comment:


This is an active count so we can fix the ranks and make DW better. The Ranks have been reset. We are re-doing and cleaning up the Dark Warriors ranks. Copy/paste these questions and answer in a reply to this post. We are making Dark Warriors as good as possible for summer-time.

1. What is your Club Penguin Name?

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, how active are you?

3. About how many events can you attend per week? 


Hello, Troops!

All soldiers be sure to attend the battle tomorrow. It is important we win! 

( I am currently having some IRL problems and may not be active. Don’t worry this is temporary. All true dark warriors will remain loyal and active and be sure to recruit – we are the best CP army and must continue holding that title.)

Date: Wednesday, April 23rd

Server: Sleet


8:00PM Eastern Standard Time

7:00PM Central Standard Time

6:00PM Mountain Standard Time

5:00PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time


Message to RPF

Sir Pj is the reason why RPF no longer fights the good fight; he’s the reason I left and didn’t fight to keep RPF. I wanted to be in an army that I could make good without being held-back. Sir Pj’s selfishness holds back his army and everyone around him. If his division in RPF was it’s own army, it’d be bottom of SMAC. He is an awful leader; I wanted to setup “the best leadership of all time” in RPF. I had to cut the bad and bring in only good. That required removing Sir Pj from power. He knew I’d remove him and also Snaily. They worked together to make fake propaganda (50+ lies, yes I counted the list) to turn my friends and army against me. Everything that happened was totally worth it cause now I’m leader of Dark Warriors. I totally re-did this army and now it’ll become greater than what I made RPF last summer. This will be the greatest generation in army history. This is the start. We will rise.

The Dark Warriors i’m building is no longer held back by bad soldiers. I have the power to make the changes necessary so DW can reach sizes of 100+ in the near future. In RPF I recruited a new generation into armies. Something no one else can do. I’m going to do the same thing here, but better. I’m experienced now. In RPF I was not. I have learned from each obstacle I’ve crossed. Everything happens for a reason, I am in the best position I could be in. Sir Pj tried to ruin me but only the opposite happened. I made you and I will destroy you, Sir Pj.

Remember my famous RPF tactic “WHEN DARKNESS FALLS”

Well; Darkness is falling on you.



Monday Raid of Tuxedo – 4/21/14

Club Penguin Puffle Party Overview

Hey DW! It is your second-in-command, Tompenguin6, here to inform you about the Puffle-party!!!

When you first login, you will be greeted by the Puffle Handler who will tell you all about this party. after you talk to her, there will be a wooden puffle booth in the top right corner. you can click on it to open up a screen that looks like


wooden puffle booth

Here, you can click on the separate puffle booths to go to specific rooms and collect items.

There are two new puffles available to members, the cat and dog puffles. Everyone can transform into a puffle!

Cat and Dog puffles

Now we get to the fun part, cat and dog puffles. After many rumors, teasers, and sneak peeks, the cat and dog puffles have finally been released on the island of Club Penguin.  If you think you’re ready to go ahead and adopt your own cat and/or dog puffle, head over to the “Adopt a Puffle” booth in the Pet Shop.

cp cat and dog puffle adoption

Once you go into the pet shop, Puffle Handler is there waiting for you. If you click on her, she will speak to you about the kinds of tricks your Puffles can do. The new icon on your chat bar will have the controls for the tricks you can make your puffle do. It looks like this

puffle tricks selection page

New Igloos

New tree-house igloos are available for members. when you do this, your igloo will appear on the tree house igloo list.

tree house igloos cp

Free Items and New emotes:

Other than the items you can win from the daily activities, you can also get a free pair of bunny-ears at the light-house

free bunny item at beach cp

There are also a few new emotes that have to do with puffles.

three new emotes club penguin

That will conclude our overview. Remember to check the site everyday for news and events!

We Are Rising, Join Now

1234 dw pic 2

If you came from Club Penguin, you can join by clicking HERE and answering the questions!

We are rising. We will become the best army of all time. In order to do that,We need 100% cooperation from everyone. YOU can help us by attending our fun events. If you Come to these events, and hang out on chat, you will most likely receive a promotion at the end of the week. Come to our Practice Battle against RPF Tomorrow, Wednesday, April 23 at 8:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, 7:00 PM Central Standard Time, 6:00 PM Mountain Standard Time, 5:00 PM Pacific or Penguin Standard Time. You can see other events HERE.



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