Hello, Dark Warriors. This week is going to be the toughest of them all as school officially starts for almost all of you. Try to make these events to the best of your abilities and comment on which events you can attend and which events you can not attend. Owners, we must focus on recruiting all week in order to maintain our competence as an army. Visit our chat by clicking here.

Monday – September 1st

Dark Warriors You Lead Event


8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 6:00pm MST, 5:00pm PST

Server: Frosty -

Location: To Be Announced

Be on chat 10 minutes early!

Our HQ

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Retirement of Xxtoysoldier and Vo Yo – The Agents

It’s the ending of the beginning.

Retirement of Xxtoysoldier and Vo Yo

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Those who attended the event today and COMMENTED on the post http://darkwarriorscp.com/2014/08/31/battle-with-golden-troops-results/ were promoted.

We Burn the Light.

A Crazy Coincidence

Today, the RPF originally placed 5th on CPAC’s top 10. However, CPAC made an error regarding ACP, and thus ACP were moved up a spot to 5th, dropping RPF to 6th.

Why does this matter to us? The same happened to us exactly a year ago. Exactly. 

On September 1st 2013, the Dark Warriors were 5th on the top 10. However, a few hours later CPAC realized they made a mistake regarding ACP, and bumped us down to 6th.

Fun Fact: This was my first top 10 as DW leader in 2013


Thank you geekchick aka Kenniminni for making a “Vo Yo” themed igloo. I feel honored :$ 

A personal thanks

Thank you. I thank all of my friends, enemies, and of course everyone in DW.

I also thank xiunknown for the massive support and stuff he’s done to help me and DW in general.

Whether it’s from Mustapha10 to Elmikey, or our members to owners, I thank all of you. You are all contributors to DW’s success.

Final Salute,

-Xxtoysoldier, Former DW Leader & Current Legend


Hello Dark Warriors,

Today, we battled the Golden Troops on their capital Half Pipe and beat them on their home turf. All trash-talk aside it was a great battle. However, this was a battle for our great leaders Toy and Vo Yo, their final event. This event meant so much, because all week we were being called “small” and people told us “DW had fallen” We proved that we can overcome ANYTHING. We beat GT. This one was for you Elmikey, are we still small?

We had 55 on chat and maxed 45-50 on CP







7 Lockouts (Stela is a DW troop)









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