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    Shutdown.March 11th, 2015
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    Welcome To DW! Check through the pages on this website to learn more about us. Check our homepage for information on upcoming battles and events, Club Penguin Cheats, news, and much more! We are glad to have you be a part of DW, and be in the best Club Penguin Army there is! We were created in 2007, and we are still living strong today!

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    ~Dark Warriors Leaders

Moderator Applications [CLOSED]

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NOTE: I’m leaving this post on the top of the website. Click above if you have questions, it’s a lot easier than commenting. Just be sure to check back on the ask.fm page every few hours, it takes awhile for us to answer.


Applications closed. Thank you for applying everyone. If you didn’t get moderator, don’t worry. You can still join and have an equal chance of ranking up to moderator (and even owner)!

~Burn The Light~


Hibernation of DW

DW is on hibernation until Summer 2015 according to Ambrosha. I give him full custody over the Dark Warriors, he may do what he pleases with the army. It is not closed, Ambrosha overruled my decision, but he wishes to hibernate it until the Summer.

I will not be involved, so all questions go to him or Xxtoysoldier.

What Is Next For The Dark Warriors?

Many of you are probably asking yourself

What is next for the Dark Warriors?

Well I spoke to unk 1on1 and let me first say he was kind enough to transfer ownership of the website to me. I know not many of you know me very well because I was in cp long before your time And I get how unk was recent and let’s face it he’s like the face of dw. He’s a legend in not only dw but all of cp and I Consider him someone I trust and believe he truly cares for dw.

That being said unk and myself will be working together figuring out what’s the next move in bringing DW back to its former power. Yes, DW will be back. Ever since 2007 all the way to current time DW has been a strong force and voice in the club penguin community. We have set standards for other armies and dominated the scene numerous times. The Dark Warriors has a legacy that can be revived and added onto for future generations to come.

With that being said it has become obvious that dw is ready to move forward with a brand new generation, a brand new leadership and era. The Agents Era started strong but it has died out and is destroying DW. The agents era is not  apart of DW. It has become apart of DW’s history books. So finally that brings us to the question everyone is wondering, what is the next step for DW?

Well to start things off I will personally be revising the entire website from our history books all the way to the hall of fame page. we are the biggest club penguin army in history and we have not once in all of our existence had a complete history page. That will be changing here shortly. Next the hall of fame page has been polluted. I get a lot of you DW legends might not be super happy with what I am about to say, but getting added onto DW’S HoF page isn’t something as easy as just leading. Dating back to DW roots it has always been a vote system to get DW legend status and adding yourself to the page is disgraceful. So I will be removing everyone off the Legends page dating after unk and saws dominance And I will be holding a vote to achieve legend status for the dw troops and past dw legends and leaders to decide. This does not guarantee you will all make it back onto the page but please understand making DW HoF is more then just achieving leadership status. ALL leaders will be added to the leadership page dating from 2007-current, so if you led DW you won’t be cut from history.

Once the DW website,history, and legends page is revised and fixed unk and myself will be creating a DW council. It will consist of only chosen individuals who truly care for DW’S well being. That council will then decide within each other who we want to be the face of the new Dark Warriors era. There will be NO ex DW leaders considered period. DW is ready for new blood to bring DW back to the promise land. If you wish to apply for the DW leadership position please contact unk,toy,or myself. You will need some kind of leadership experience and we will be picky. Army hoppers, people who care only about themselves, please do not waste our time as we will decline you instantly.

DW will remain shut down for the time being, it may take some time to get everything adjusted and rebuilt back up, but we WILL burn the light once more. If you love DW as much as unk and myself then remain loyal and help DW rebuild back up, don’t give up. If you don’t care to help DW rebuild then WE DO NOT WANT YOU IN DW. We will weed out the weak and the strong will be rewarded in DW praises. This is our time to band together and fix DW. This is more then just a club penguin army. We are a family. So just because DW is shut down for the time being, don’t think we won’t be watching to see who is working to help DW rise and who doesn’t care. When it comes down to reopening time and there’s a high rank to fill,  that troop who worked to help DW return will get that rank over someone who didn’t care everytime. So let’s band together as a family and bring DW back from destructon. If you wish to help bring DW back or want to apply for the leadership position you can get ahold of me on kik: stevop12894  OR Unk on kik: zachlfc1998




~Ambrosha DW Creator

Also anybody is more then welcome to still hangout on DW chat, it will remain open to the public even though DW is closed for the time being. Eventually we will be getting a new chat added to the website that we can all hangout in until DWs reopening.

Regarding Mod Apps

They are being looked at. Be patient, I can’t be on very often.


All DW troops are expected to rejoin when we come back. We will be better than ever.

Protected: New Ideas

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Update #1

Many changes are happening to DW.

We have come up with plans that will revolutionize armies as a whole, nothing will be able to stop us. Make sure to rejoin us when we reopen in a few months.

-Xxtoysoldier, DW Legend

Practice Battle With Ice Warriors – RESULTS!

Hello Dark Warriors!

Today we logged on Sub Zero to battle the Ice Warriors! Unfortunately, Waterkid (who has nothing else better to do with his time because he’s a no life) and his friends decided to sabotage event with bots. I’ll be having the last laugh when we smack LT so, he can have his fun while it lasts. I couldn’t care less. I’d like to thank all Dark Warriors that attended. Mods who did not attend this event are in risk of demotion. We maxed 20.

CPAC: We weren’t able to take any pictures due to the bots running around and covering all of our tactics. We tried moving rooms multiple times, but they followed.

~Bad, Dark Warriors Leader


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