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DWNC: Tricky Formations [EVENT GUIDE pt. 3]


Tricky Formations

DW Battle HQ | It’s time for the last of the Event Guide, which is about Tricky Formations! I hope the last 2 guides were helpful to everyone and if you want to read them, click on the links below!

Emote Guide Click > Here <   //  Tactics Guide Click > Here <

Types of Formations

To be honest, there are infinite amounts of formations. Think of any shape or picture, and there you have it: A formation! But, there are some formations that DW leaders use more than others, which are the ones I’ll be focusing on in this guide.




This is the most basic of formations. Basically you circle the room. Make sure that you make the circle wide and move backwards as much as possible. That way, you look bigger, and you can fit more penguins in the circle. Most of the time AFK people are still in the center, so try to pay attention at all times and get in line.

Plus (+)




           ^^^^DO NOT DO THIS (it is a swastika)^^^^

This is also a very basic formation. You get in a plus sign. Since DW usually has large sizes, we sometimes make a swastika (which you may know as the Nazi symbol). Here’s a tip: Don’t make a swastika! Don’t make L’s at the end. Just try to find a spot, because there will almost always be gaps in the formation.

X Formation


This is the last basic formation. As you can see, we make an X. If there are extra people, it is ok to go off to the side as seen in the bottom left hand corner of the picture.



Infinity (∞)


This is a special formation that not many armies use, but sometimes DW does. Essentially, you first make an X, then you finish it off. To some, it looks like a empty bow tie, but the aim is to get it to look like an infinity symbol.


Sometimes (rarely) leaders will tell you to make certain letters as the formation as well.



L Formations 


Shown in the picture is a Backwards L Formation. Most of the time you only use this if you don’t have that many troops. There is also an L Formation, which is the same thing except not backwards.

Line Across/Line Down

I didn’t find a picture for this, because most of the time we have too many troops to do this formation, but essentially you make a line down from a certain penguin or place, or you make a line across.

General Tips

  • Spread out but also fill in gaps!
  • Don’t move unless you really have to. It will be confusing for other people.
  • Do not sit on each other.
  • Get in line when leaders tell you to, and try not to be AFK
  • Sit, don’t dance. Dancing causes lag.
  • When a leader says “Take over their formation”, then sit on them, and basically take it over.
  • Make sure you’re always sitting/standing IN FRONT of the enemy, so that your tactics aren’t blocked.
  • If you get hit by a snowball, move and then get back to where you were. Snowballs prevent you from doing tactics.


Since we are a big army, it is important to have good formations, so I hope this guide was helpful! Make sure to look out for my next post, which will feature the newly rebooted Frosty Times!

~Agt R

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  1. Great guides! Very helpful to new troops 🙂

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