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    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

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A Call to Arms – My Message to the Community

Greetings, members of the Club Penguin Army Community!

It is clear to the common member’s eye that there’s currently something going wrong in our systematic regiment. If you take a look around, there is not a single army that does not share a server with another. Whether deliberate or not, it is occurring. There is something we can do about this, not many things, but alas, that’s the point. We must figure out a way to cease these operations that make no sense, confuse people, and destroy relations. Let’s say I’m attempting to invade a server from an enemy, but an ally of ours claims to own it. This could cause a severe impact on the relations between the alliance, and eventually cause it to disband. NOBODY knows any true servers that an army legitimately possesses, and it truly is beginning to become a complication. Another huge problem in this community is claiming victory. Imagine you’re battling an army on a server, and you’re just both too big to settle out the war in one room! This causes many undisputed battles, and many people to rustle their relations with the opponent. I feel that these problems are just as equal, yet the community is doing nearly nothing to solve it. All of those rage posts, the unneeded implosion of friendships, it could have been dodged. It could have been dodged by a landslide. It may just be one in my eyes, but do know that it should be in all of yours as well. This has happened to almost all major armies, and there are a few solutions we can integrate to stop this from happening. Sending a huge amount of queries in our case simply isn’t enough. We must be able to develop & establish the ultimate solution for this problem, and whether we like each other or not, face it, armies are starting get boring. Whether we consume much time producing that ultimate solution, keep in mind: this is for the new generation. Most of us will be gone by the end of this year; others, they will continue the army legacy and will become Legends. In order to ensure we don’t fell them, we don’t fail ourselves, and we don’t fail our troops, we must be entirely sure that our connection state between armies and relevance still remain in contact. We have been holding arms for too long, we must fix our problems, we cannot leave them behind. I cannot be the only one to notice that now days, less and less things are starting to be accomplished besides the CPAC Top Ten formula, which honestly doesn’t concern me or most others in this community. We are preventing legitimate traffic and recruits by not establishing a proper doctrine that consists of logic, realism, and relevancy. We cannot be armies if all we do is log on to Club Penguin to do a few tactics, take pictures, and log off. There is much more to it, and our physical memory is starting to fade into the new generation; the new era that WILL inevitably kill us off. If we want to move on, if we want to go on to greater things, we must educate ourselves to establish proper alterations to current blemishes. We haven’t been doing that, and we must. You can disagree with me all you want, but know that everything I state is true; whether you know it or not. All I’m asking is that we come together, friend or foe, and discuss the problems with our battling regiment. It is NOT intensive nor vehement to do any of the current things we do, and we can fix it.

Even if we hate each other, let’s stop exhausting ourselves over nothing. We have to work together in order to fix this place. It’s still in shambles, and we have to do something together in order to stop it from getting any worse.


If we want armies to be armies, we’ve gotta step up. If we want our incessant existence to be relatively irrevocable, the same applies. 

A quick-fix? The way to fix it all?

Sure. We could either remove servers as a whole, and wars could be (generally) set back to where you fight until the end! When the troops get tired, when they give up. That is true victory to the opposing side!

The other?

Every army loses their servers but their capital. They must reclaim as much servers as possible, and battle the opposing armies along the way. Only one army comes out victorious.

…and another problem

Let’s say you’re battling it out with another army on a server. You’re both too big to fit into one room, and you both just camp it out throughout the entirety of the event. You claim the enemy never charged you, so you claim victory. The other does the same. This leaves you in an undisputed result! What you could do to determine a winner, is decide which army marched online with more soldiers during the battle by counting the pictures. Tactics and formations could also be a factor, but size is mainly how armies win, so let’s keep it realistic.

What I’m saying here is…

CPAC, you know that we have a problem. Community, you acknowledge it too. Why keep our mouths shut when we have the ability to open it?

If we don’t do something fast, we WILL die out. It is inevitable, but we must try to extend our time here to as much as possible. It’s either nil work or all. When we go in, we go all in. We’re in this together.

See you on the battlefield, and with a hope for change:

-Xxtoysoldier DW Leader

8 Responses

  1. Great and meaningful post. I agree that changes must be made for the better of all armies. But in order to enforce new rules and policies, we need a group that is unbiased, fair, and just, otherwise armies could do whatever they want. If we start small towards change, it will benefit CP Armies as a whole so that we don’t die out. Something must be done.

  2. Brb posting ON IW

  3. Hers toy! Give me a break! Just ask a worker at CPAC to find out who wins! That would be way easier! I mean imagine if every armies leaders got together on CPAC chat. That would be crazy! Everyone would just yell insults and the community will split apart! They’ll start taking sides with the PN trying to stay out of it! It would be WORLD WAR IV😠

  4. I agree Toy because if you were in a war you were sharing servers with who would get the servers

  5. i agree

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