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Shut Up WV

Edit: Just as I had expected, Bepboy has officially become a transvestite, and he and Stromae have announced that they will both be adopting two beautiful children who are also gay and will also lead WV to 20+. Both gayboy Bep, and not so slim Stromae believe that their beloved children will lead WV to great heights and make DW’s Agents Era look like nothing. Best of luck to them.

I encourage each and every one of you to welcome these children into the community, even if they somehow come out of Bep. Not only is this the next step in CP Armies, it is a revolution that will lead the community to a new Golden Age. I can’t wait.

don’t read this

Greetings WV,

“My name is Stromae and I like shaving Bep’s legs when he sings What Makes You Beautiful to me in the most gentle and erotic way. I love it when he lets me tickle his feet and call him big daddy rough time. He’s such a dog.”

 ~Excerpt from not so slim Stromae’s post on WV.

Alright so first off, I’ll just say you all amuse me over there with this crap. WV legit has two servers left, your entire army has come crashing down with small sizes after war was waged against you, you’ve called in SMAP armies to assist you against the NDA, you won like 3 battles altogether and each server was taken back, you claim any invasion of your nation that a NDA army posts is invalid if its scheduled at the same time that other NDA armies decides to invade you, and yet you still have the audacity to call us out not once, not twice, but consistently. I gotta hand it to you, you’ve got balls (Bep told me to say that), but if you can’t walk the walk, then don’t talk the talk, that’s just the way it goes.

Lol. Again, you have some nerve calling out Elmikey, when hes achieved and made so much more of an impact on this community in a month, than any of you have in your entire career. Let’s also try not to forget he and Silverburg just smacked you senseless in the Legends Cup, let alone a tournament, something WV has never won, never will.

Elmikey didn’t “run away” from anything, if that’s what your resorting to now, because why not, you’re all out of ideas. Have you heard of Elmikey’s age, hes either a senior in high school or in his first or second year of college. He did what he wanted, he came back and rose RPF in the summer, he BEAT YOU in a Legends Cup tournament, and he has a life ahead of him. I’m so terribly sorry if you feel hes “running away” from war because quite frankly, hes one of the best war commanders of all time, and if he really wanted to, he’d smack the crap out of you, and RPF would probably be maxing the same sizes as DW, so consider that a break.

ACP has been irrelevant since their war with SWAT (No offense ACP, but its true). They are in no way prepared to enter a war whatsoever. We expected them to pull out a day after we declared war, they were just included as an asset because they were part of the original alliance, so don’t feel too accomplished.

The only one shaken up is WV, so I don’t really know what you’re referring to. It would be nice if you would come to realize that you posted defenses for a number of servers you don’t even own lmfao. And whether it was 5 v 1 or 1 v 1, you still lose this war, and you still lose your nation. Maybe not as fast, but just as painful.

No one’s arguing among anyone over at DW, we’re all laughing together at your incompetence and incapability to actually give us a war that isn’t so easy to win. You’re literally turning into ACP after their war with SWAT, how embarrassing lol.

As WV maxes 25 and claims to have maxed 32, when DW smacks them and laughs at their pathetic attempts to convince anyone of their exaggeration.

As WV claims any invasions of their nation that are posted at the same time of another NDA member’s invasion of them is invalid.

I found it particularly cute how stupid you think we are. You make it so obvious when you go on nulls and come to DW chat and pose as a DCP or RPF troop yelling “JOIN DCP” or “JOIN RPF” and linking their chat, which actually doesn’t really bother me considering I’m mod at both chats and cus Musty and Silv are life.

So that picture of a DCP soldier apparently linking you an IP grabber pretending to try and get your IP saying its proof of Musta telling them to multilog is you on a null putting on a show for the troops. Its actually quite upsetting that this is what you do with your free time when you’re not giving Bep a sponge bath.

And that post about the T-shirts is nothing compared to the racism and offensive remarks Tax put on display in a post that you deleted once you saw I called him out on it. Why the hypocrisy, Stromae? Oh and that was also the day we smacked you and went undefeated in every battle so I guess you can call that “plundering” of our “so-called” empire, and I don’t understand the “so-called” part of it because I don’t know what else you’d call it lol.

Like I said before, this war was over before it started. You didn’t stand a chance when we first declared war, and you don’t stand a chance now. The only crack you see is the one between Bep’s ass.

WV has lost almost every single battle in this war, and the servers they have taken from us were all easily taken back except for Hot Chocolate which will be taken back no problem tomorrow evening.

We will finish what we started, DW, and NO ONE will stand in our way.

Message to AR & Pretzels: Stromae sent you a little message so I thought I’d do so myself. The NDA will finish off WV tomorrow, and then we will go after you, and anyone else who opposes our great empire.

AR: WV won’t protect you, they can’t even protect themselves, and if you received full assistance from them it would be like 10+ (half of their average size), so don’t get too excited that you will be getting so much help, because you will get very little, if not any. So good luck to you Star Wars fags.

Pretzels: You think WV is so great, don’t you? Well please be fully aware that they are no better than Zuke’s SWAT and you will also receive no help from them if that’s what you’re looking for when I go to smash you. I don’t care how small you are or if you’re rebuilding or not, people in your ownership decided to talk smack and they will pay the price. Sorry Brave, but I gave you enough time to fire the kid. All you had to do was click a button, and you couldn’t even do that. Good luck.

V-G day is upon us,

The flames of war are upon you, WV,

Your nation hangs by a thread,

Show us your worth now, or forever be forgotten,

The New Dawn is here.

~Bad, Dark Warriors Commander

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9 Responses

  1. Uh why exactly are you threatening war against AR again?

  2. i didnt even read lol. you’re trying so hard. just scrolled down to the comment area to piss you off even more. you seem pretty pissed. being mad is bad for your health. calm down and have a sip of this coke

    • I’m not trying hard really im just having some fun im not pissed at all either im amused by WV’s attempts to defeat us and think their “motivation” posts will help their cause when in reality they’re all gayboys fighting for one cause: publicity and ego. You’re not a family, you’re a bunch of kids looking for names for yourselves, not looking out for the army. Calm down and go sip on bep, it seems to calm stromae down after he sees we smacked WV

  3. i also dont understand why you’re talking when dw maxed like 15 with the help of 5 iw and 5 rpf

    • Lol, we maxed 15 cus i wasnt on and owners werent on, hardly anything daily, and lets not forget you need 7 leaders to max 30 lol

  4. You acted exactly as I hoped. Thank you.

  5. […] encourage everyone to read their respective replies HERE and HERE. Not only those it show their true colors, it shows the community their level of […]

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