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WV’s Invasion Of Jack Frost: Invalid

Lol yo. This is getting old. And before you complain that I’m only making this post because you claimed DCP invalidly invaded one of your servers, let me put your mind at ease, that isn’t the case.

I was legit up until 2 AM last night, and you can ask Musta or Trader because I was on both DCP & ACP chat at those times. And you know I post EVERY defense of my servers, whether I know we’re going to show or not. There was no invasion of Jack Frost up on your battle schedule. The only battles scheduled were the ones that took place on Wednesday and defenses for a bunch of servers you don’t own. (Which is still funny considering none of you have realized that yet lmao). I always check your site for two reasons, one of them being to respond to whatever petty flame posts you make towards my army, and the other being to check your battle schedule for any invasions of DW’s empire. The invasion of Jack Frost was not up on your battle schedule at 2 AM, thus making it invalid because you claimed to have taken it today around 3-4 PM EST, which is when you would’ve had to post the invasion yesterday for it to be valid.

And honestly, it annoys me how you can be such hypocrites and call Musta and DCP out for an invalid invasion, which wasn’t invalid because Musta always has “Invasion of ???” for 4:00 PM EST & 8:00 PM EST posted for the entire week, your typical US/UK event times. It still counts as an invasion, just not with the server decided yet, and that is completely valid, and you can check with CPAC on that if you don’t believe me. If he decides he wants to change the server and replace it with another one, he can, because only the times themselves need to be up there for 24 hours, not the location. They did the same thing in the war with the Power Alliance, and I too, said it was invalid, but Mach explained to me that it wasn’t and I accepted it and moved on.

But really how can you call them out for something, and then do the same exact thing on the same exact day you claimed they did it? I just want to know, how far does it go. Honestly, how far does the stupidity go. I’m not sure if its even at its peak yet, and that’s very scary to me.

The invasion of Jack Frost was completely invalid under any & all circumstances. DW still owns Jack Frost, and it will be cleansed tomorrow. (inb4 WV yells invalid for a cleansing lul) DCP’s invasion of Migrator is valid and the Water Vikings now own one server.

WV, I honestly enjoy watching this go down. I like seeing how week my opponent really is when they resort to technicalities to keep whatever they have left. Technicalities wont save you, they’ll just make you worse than you already look, and I’m 100% fine with that, so keep it up.

The advance into Hot Chocolate begins at exactly 7:50 PM EST. I want EVERY owner/mod calling and hyping chat or you risk demotion. I wan’t to break 40+ and end this war with a bang.

WV, this is the last server you own, and the last chance you have at redemption. You best show up because there’s no erasing whats about to happen.

~Bad, Dark Warriors Commander

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