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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Bepboy, I Do This For The Lols

don’t read this

If you try to stay away like posts like the ones you make, then do it. You’re better off that way because you know I’m going to respond and you know I’m going to embarrass you each and every time. I love the enthusiasm, but really, there’s no beating me. Not with your posts, not with your sizes, not with anything. Lets get to it.

Bep, I couldn’t care less what you think about the gay jokes. You used cropped pictures of me irl, and your other leaders make racist jokes towards Mustapha, so really you deserve every bit of it. I admit, I shouldn’t be doing that, but with you and Stromae its so easy to make a joke considering how deluded you both are. You say we’re pathetic, you say we can’t beat you, yet here we are, you being the army who has no nation left (Although you think you have like 20 other servers lol I’ll get to that later), and the army who formed an alliance against us (that combined would max like 30), with AR pulling out after a couple hours after joining it! Lol!!! No see what I’M projecting is how easy it is to step on an army such as yours when you’re bigger & better. I can do whatever I want, whenever I want, wherever I want, and there’s not a damn thing you can or will do to stop me. Yes, you and Stromae like the same sex, so when WV dies, which will be soon, go cuddle up on the couch and watch Yossi and make sure realize what you’re real life is (that being a gay fag with no friends), and give up CP armies, because obviously you have no friends nor success here either. And it’s funny you should bring up the picture, but for everyone who doesn’t know, that picture was me about two years ago, at the beach, where everyone looks pretty bad after going into the water, and my face was cropped. How about you get the entire picture where I have a girl with me (which you claim to be my sister when she looks nothing like me), and then lets meet up irl and see who’s really tough gayboy. I’ll smack you so hard you’ll come on the next day and think you’re ACP leader. Then I’ll make arrangements for you to meet Neil Patrick Harris, and you can get to know each other. (Don’t tell Stromae tho).

I can’t believe you were in DW either. It disgusts me the poor judgement the leader whoever hired you had, no offense to whoever that was. And you weren’t their UK leader, you were an irrelevant 3ic LOL. And yes, what has this army has come to? What is that supposed to mean lol? Since you’ve been gone (you should sing that song to Stromae before you two go to sleep), DW has won three tournaments, won numerous wars, and maxed 80-100 on multiple occasions. What has WV done? Oh yeah, hire 8000 leaders and owners to max 30, lose every war they get themselves into, and get crushed in every tournament they enter, and claim CPAC is biased when they get knocked out. I’m really starting to think to myself, what has WV come to? You weren’t this bad when you were created, and certainly not as pathetic, not when Zak led. People actually had respect for WV when he led, but even that faded away so very quickly. You claim me and 11 are armyhoppers, yet I’ve only been in SWAT DW, and DCP over the last year in a half, while 11 has been in DW since they reopened in the spring. Tell me, how we are armyhoppers and better yet how we are irrelevant. You’ve been irrelevant since day one, Bep. Some kid tryna prove himself with his army that maxes 25. Please, I’ve heard worse, this is nothing. You’re like Zuke trying to lead SWAT, only difference is, your army can somewhat get decent sizes, but that won’t even last for long at all. And I don’t care if you think my comments are “pathetic”, you only say that because you know they’re true and you have no way to respond to them unless to face the facts and give up this delusional idea of yours that WV is superior and can take on an entire alliance. I don’t care whether or not you begged 11 to rejoin WV either, you know you’d kill to have either one of us in your army, like us or not. Both of us could rise an army faster than any leader in WV right now, and that’s not an opinion, its a fact. I don’t even consider you as a member of this community, Bep. Just some kid running his mouth and getting smacked every time he decides to do so. I couldn’t care less what your thoughts are on me or my army, all I know is, I’m big you’re small, I’m strong you’re weak, I win you lose, and there’s nothing you can do about it. If I were the “2ic that hops around Top Ten armies”, that you claim I am, then why is it that every army I go to, one they rise, and two, ironically, they kill you in war. Please Bep, save the nonsense.

I don’t call this a flame posts, or any of your posts for that matter. They’re weak and idiotic, therefore I categorize them a gayboy rant posts. I never claimed you made any flame posts, I was just upset that Tax (who by the way is tha realest armyhopping 2ic out there if you wanna keep making those claims), made racist comments towards Mustapha over a CP game, which genuinely pathetic. None of your posts are logical, nor speak the truth. All of them state moronic claims and opinions that you and your leaders probably had to brainstorm in the owner pool before you released the post. Every day since the start of the war, you’ve gotten crushed. We have taken your nation, and we will defend any server you try to take back. You deny that it has happened, but Commando said it himself that you’re getting smacked, and the more time you spend denying it, the less time you focus on actually trying to rebuild and become relevant again.

I will continue to say I have killed WV in the past, because I have lol. You deny every single thing that makes you look bad, when really there’s no getting around it. Maybe if you kept your mouths shut and focused more on rising your own army instead of worrying about what other armies think about you, maybe you wouldn’t have gotten into this situation as many times as you have. But, history repeats itself, and it’s up to YOU and YOUR army to sit yourselves down and face reality, otherwise it will continue to repeat itself. Any time I went to war with you, I took a good amount of your nation and forced you to surrender each and every time. The first time, Pj surrendered, and the second time, the Grand Alliance disbanding was basically your other surrender. You messed me up so hard? LOL. The highest you maxed in any war against me was 25, and that was like two years ago LMFAO. Please Bep, don’t make me laugh. And I didn’t hop anywhere after those wars. If leaving an army to go to another is hopping after you’ve been in that army for 2-3 months, then I guess you can call that hopping. Whatever floats your boat Bep. I made the decision to go continue my legacy in other armies, when you sit on WV chat 12 hours a day trying to figure out what the word legacy even means, considering no one in that excuse of an army has ever had one. I will continue to say I will kill WV and take their nation, because I can do it whatever I want, and I just did it again this past week. You’re an ant, and I’m the boot. And LOL YO. I’m basically carrying this army right now, and anyone here would agree. “Small success”. Thanks for that, I’ll be sure to hit you twice as hard when we start back up on Monday. Expect well over 30 at each battle. Btw may I ask what success WV is having? Get 1st on CPAC? Give me a break. That’s light work. And its funny you got first and only maxed 30 like twice. The September drop is the only reason you’ve found yourselves in top 3, you should be lucky your army has coped with it better than others. The only success your army has ever seen in their history was making it to the LC finals, and even that success was erased when you were beaten so easily. So please, share your definition of success and get back to me, because you obviously don’t know what it means. And LOL. DW didn’t shut down because of me. Please, do not  It isn’t my fault the advisors had complete power to do whatever they wanted. I had an allstar leadership set up, and I was rudely interrupted by Unknown when he decided to shut the army down. But as much as you wish for that to happen again, it won’t, so keep dreaming. I’m the complete opposite of success lmao, now I really know you have no idea what it means. I rose DW to 40+ and #2 in CPAC in just a week, something that would take you a month to achieve. You got 1st this week because you spammed events and got 30 a couple times, something any of us can do. You’re not special.

I don’t know what source you’re going by, but according to the map, you had 13 servers coming into the war. We took all of them, and now you have no nation. And you’re right it clearly wasn’t your empire page, because its deleted, and your USWV page doesn’t have a servers list on it lol. Bep, you’re a deluded idiot. We invaded all 13 servers the map said you have, and now you’re claiming to own all these other servers with no proof to show that you do. You don’t own any servers, and any servers you try to get back, we will be there to defend, and we will crush you. Deal with it.

You’ve been a joke since the day your mother opened her legs. Your “powerful” army is nothing more than a couple of noobs banded together to max 20. The NDA will crush you in any attempts to rebuild your nation, and do the same to anyone who assists you.

Btw nice stealing my line, “See you on the battlefield”, I know you admire me, but I don’t like men so go away please.

“WV Leader & Revolutionary Legend”

Revolutionary Legend LOL. Only thing revolutionary about your life is when you came out of the closet. Don’t give yourself a title you can’t and won’t ever live up to.

Bep’s post was a prime example of what not to do when you just lost your entire nation and got crushed by the leader who did so in the past a number of times.

ANY attempt WV makes to take back their servers, we will be there, and we will unleash hell upon them.

We took their nation, and now we will defend it.

You started this Bep, and I’m going to finish it.

~Bad, Dark Warriors Commander In Chief

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