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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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The Deja Vu Eulogy

Do not say I did not warn you.

7 months ago, I took a bold decision to shut down this army. Many ridiculed me and many praised me. I, however did not care. That was, until Ambrosha and Xxtoysoldier had confronted me about my action. Due to their respective positions, and their prestige in this army I granted their request Therefore, the ‘shutdown’ had been reverted to a ‘hibernation’

What provoked me to shut down DW was not our results on Club Penguin, it was what the army had become. Many of our illustrious leaders that we had relied on for so long had simply left without a trace of interest, I too was apart of this re-occuring curse. Months went on, and DW had become infected. Instead of Club Penguin Cheats being plastered over the site, we had derogatory-riddled posts directed to individuals who had no relevance towards our army. It started to become increasingly difficult to comprehend the motive behind these posts. However, at this period of time, I realized that it was no longer a curse, I concluded that we had only poisoned ourselves. 

It is Summer 2015, the Dark Warriors re-open under prime leader Xxtoysoldier. We are resurrected and reclaim our title as the largest army. Many old and new troops join, and all seems well. However, after a certain amount of time, it is impossible to get rid of poison. Pivotal leaders leave, the metamorphic musical chairs for leadership begin once again. The Dark Warriors instead of motivating new recruits, are scaring them away with constant flame posts. The DW I knew did not have to insult the army via text, we destroyed them where this game really matters: Club Penguin.

And so it is, after the reboot it all seems Deja Vu once more. If you have not caught the point of this post by now I shall present it to you.

The Dark Warriors never recovered from March 2015.

This is something I knew clearly at the time. I knew our situation was unrepairable. I saw the devastation in Xxtoysoldier once we had shut down, and I could not live with myself without giving him a final chance. A chance he gave everything he had, and in the end gained himself some personal glory which was well deserved.

It was inevitable that I would be posting on this website again, and for the wrong reasons. That is why I notified the leaders of my presence last week in a draft, and ignorantly DW’s had spiralled out of control. Maybe it was fate that after I checked, DW began to follow the steps it had in March.

Not all fairy-tales have a good ending, and the Dark Warriors are included in that. Targeting the creator of this army over their deceased infant is  fucking pathetic and tells us all we need to know about the credibility of this community. How can anybody define this as a safe virtual world for kids?

After much consideration,  I have decided to agree with Ambrosha and shut down the Dark Warriors forever. In all due respect to Ambrosha, I feel that this post is much more subtle in comparison to his and gives the reader a more in-depth of the struggle DW has been in this year.

What now, for you the troops who have no right to be separated from a place they considered home? I recommend you all take your leave from this community, it is a shadow of what it was before. And there is no way back. Take it upon yourself to find a new hobby, read a book, meet new friends, or apply for a job

This website will remain public as a memorial for all the Dark Warriors who helped shaped our legacy. There is nothing to be ashamed of, there is no doubt the Dark Warriors will always be considered one of the greatest armies ever. Nobody can compare to us. In the end, we fell victim to the curse of Deja Vu, after achieving almost everything .

I apologize for the time in which the site had been private. I had to fully examine the situation (I was not aware of what had been happening) to make a choice, and so I have.

2007 – 2015.

We burn the light.

28 Responses

  1. Good post unk, hit me up on kik: stevop12894

  2. RIP DW. I loved being here. You were my family,friends and home. I’m currently speechless. You all were amazaing. I’d like to acknowledge some people in DW:

    Misty and Fin: You two…we’ll still be in touch. That’s a promise I’ll make.

    Fish and Food: Thanks for supporting me into becoming a mod when I was still a member. :p

    Lenore: You can beat it. Stay true and humble to yourself. Don’t follow your heart when you’re mad yeah? Do what you love to do and fulfill it. You got a life

    Kev(dark flame): Jeez calm down bro. You gotta chill when we’re talking in pc. Oh man,i’m gonna miss that alot you dark wolf. xD

    Darx: A buddy I can legit say anything about to(you know what I mean)

    Red: You’re a funny guy,stay tight with Blossom. xD

    Perry: It’s a shame you never got get leader but I admire your loyalty to DW. (:

    Toy: You gave me my first promotion and gave me so many laughs and knowledge in CP Armies. I still miss making rec pengs for you haaha. Thank you.

    Freezie: You gave me my first mod promotion. You saw the potential in me and looks like I did it. I made my way to 3ic by myself. Thank you for providing me knowledge I needed in my CPA career.

    Tiro: Ah. I’ve been supporting you since you were VP. Thank you for your hard work. There was always something about you that made you a good leader besides recruiting. Wherever you end up,good luck!

    Crazy186: You’ve taught me so much in my CPA career. Thanks for thinking I’m reliable and responsible.

    Blossom: You saved me back on IW chat there when Zuke banned me forever on DW chat for some reason idk. You’ve been my female DW idol ever since I was a DW private. You set me a role model example. Thank you.

    To the DW Troops: If you all think this is the end. You’re wrong. It’s just the beginning of something new. Some of you may have potential to even become leaders of your own armies in the future.

    Thank you DW teaching me new things like breaking out of my “shy” shell,learning how to autotype(to be used for pranking purposes irl haha),that I can benefit so much from failure,that people will come in and out of my life unexpectedly and theres so much more I’d like to name out.

    Wherever you end up going,good luck!
    Ataliva DW 3ic signing off ❤

  3. I agree DW died in March. Rip DW

  4. R.I.P DW, you will be missed.

  5. Dark Warriors Forever, RIP DW.

    ~Tirodoragon, Dark Warriors Former Leader

  6. well guess we all have to find a new army 😦

  7. I’m sad, but to be completely honest I too was losing interest in this community, and also I was having trouble trying to manage staying active in DW and getting straight A’s in school at the same time. I have decided to leave armies forever. If DW comes back, I may or may not come back. Goodbye for now.

    -Food, former DW 4ic

  8. Considering Dw was the only army that inspired me to stay in cp armies and not to become a shit hopper i would to thank a few people like Drake,toy,elmikey,spi 101 and ofc xiunk is the best of all but i already told you guys if you hire badboy this will happen but except ambrosha no one understood idk if its a smart choice to shut down dw forever cuz its unfair to troops who really worked to bring it up but then one bad destroyed it.Dw is fine without bad and can work it up like unk looked up and made a draft proud of you

  9. we dont care if dw has to start out small we want dw back


  11. I don’t care if DW isn’t as big as it was in its prime , all I want is for us to be back and together

  12. I don’t care if dw is as small as five people… I just want us to be back together as a family.

  13. Well I Expected but I do NOT care we all need DW back Even if we had ups and downs but we stay strong with each other.

  14. ill miss all of dw troops.dw is my always gonna be my second home guys.ill miss.):

  15. I don’t care if DW isn’t as big as it was before, I want it back.

  16. DW will always be remembered as one of the most legendary armies that ever lived and it was sad it had too end this way. dw was my first army and my last army. rip dw <33

  17. DW plz

  18. DW is a family, and families always stay together, even in the tough times. This is not the end, we may never be as glorious as we were previously, but we’ll always be together as a family.

  19. “a time will come, when we will have to rise, above the rest, and prove yourself, your spirit never dies” -That’s us DW, come on, we have to show all other armies that we aren’t just a thing of the past, and that we can make a solid comeback once more.

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