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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Everyone is demoted to member.

All mods and owners are demoted to member except for the following people:

Perry, Lenore, Simi, kevintruewolf

If you want to earn your ranks back, you have to attend Saturday’s event. Slacking off is not an excuse. I can’t do things alone at all. Just because I’m here doesn’t mean things are magic. We are bigger than almost any army and DCP are the only ones who can compete with us, same with IW, It’s just that you guys are not putting enough hard work and same with our activity.

We faced a shut down, Badboy ruined things for us and you guys think It’s okay just to skip events all because I’m there and things will go okay? This is a teamwork effort. If you can’t fulfill that team effort then you don’t deserve your rank.

6 Responses

  1. You aren’t the problem. DW is just tired of this. You can’t tell them to attend events when ambrosha shut down the army some days ago. wtf is wrong with you :S

  2. bro wtf, stop blaming me for your problems. I was couped so explain how your troops being inactive is my fault. Amb shut down the army for stupid reasons and everyone left. All the owners and mods were inactive when I led too, get used to it Spi

  3. aaaaah can join i used to be highest member in iw i had test then i got demoted 😦 Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2015 23:50:44 +0000 To: ali_raza_1974@hotmail.com

  4. […] titled “Everyone Is Demoted To Member”. You can find the full post on the Dark Warriors site here, or read an excerpt from the post […]

  5. good idea Spi101 good plan i know i will regret saying this in the future

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