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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Hello Dark Warriors!


I noticed that we are slacking off. We canceled around 3 events already this week. We must change it by recruiting and hard working. I was told by US owners that our leader Spi is inactive. Spi, I want you to become more active. Haroon had car accident and is now in hospital, because of this he won’t be able to come on within this week. We should pray for him and wish him to get well soon. We shouldn’t cancel event once again tomorrow. To prevent that I need all owners and mods to be working as hard as possible. I need you to help me in recruiting more.

We plan on bringing DWNC (Dark Warriors News Central) back. If we will be maxing at least 25+ daily, active troops get promoted. Also I was thinking about doing something for fun (e.g. Card Jitsu Tournament, Hide and Seek, Town of Salem etc.). I want you to suggest me what we should do on those fun events. Alright, I think that’s all what I wanted to say. I expect that situation with events will get better tomorrow.


Dark Warriors Leader

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