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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Remember in 2014


CPAC accused us in 2014 of many things, they tried to stop our growth but failed and it will continue to become a washed up news site. EVerything is set, I warned you our enemies would unite to take us down and now the media has tried to as well. We will defeat everything that stands in our path. We will invade Klondike from an evil Government led by the tyrants that go by the name of Zakster and Mach, we will liberate them from being brainwashed by corrupt news. CPAC have accused us of multilogging because a recruit said so yet there is much more proof against WV. Let me show you:

Here is a post made about Kingfunks4:

Only an Ice Warrior would multi log on the same account for years.

The Ice Warrior ”Fever 20” is Kingfunks4, and I’m going to prove it.

ACP: When Funks joined/led ACP in 2012 during the Black Alliance war, I noticed Fever 20. He only attended the events Funks was at (UK). Even when Funks wasn’t present at a UK battle, Fever 20 was also not there.

You can check the ACP archives. Funks used that throughout his leadership, specially during the Pirates war. Check in October/November/December 2012.


Water Vikings: After a year of using it in ACP, the idiot decides to use Fever for multi logging in the Water Vikings! WV were in a ”golden age” in the summer of 2013 and getting sizes of 30+. When Funks joined the Water Vikings leadership, Fever 20 appeared! (It appears Funks owns multiple of accounts named ”Fever”)

You can check the Water Viking’s archives. Whenever Funks led WV, Fever 20 began attending their events. 


Federation of CP: In June 2013, Funks made a pathetic called called the ”Federation”. Of course, Fever 20 INSTANTLY joined this army and attended their events!

I was at this battle. I am ”Cppower”. I was lol’ing when I saw Fever 20.

Too bad the Federation’s site is gone, I got this image from a CPAC report.


Ice Warriors: When Funks became an IW leader, Fever 20 must have thought it was a good idea to join the Ice Warriors! He also must have thought it would be a good idea to LEAVE the Ice Warriors exactly when Iceyfeet hired the Drew Crew! Wow Funks, Fever 20 sure is loyal to you man!

Here’s Fever 20 at a UK event.

Another UK event



Wow, it’s funny how ”Fever 20” has been in armies since 2012, yet NO ONE KNOWS HIM! He joined all these armies yet no one even knows who he is. It’s also funny how this guy ALWAYS joins the armies that Funks joins, following him for 3 years straight. He attended a IW event this week, meaning that person is STILL active in armies.

Come on, it’s pretty obvious Fever 20 is a multi log of Kingfunks 4. The Dark Warriors got 5 points deducted for multi logging, so the Ice Warriors should also receive the same punishment. 

*NOTE* Please tell me more armies that Funks has joined in the past years, I bet I can find Fever 20 in the result pictures.

Here is evidence supplied by Doritos:

Water Vikings claims to be the only army who doesn’t multilog. They claim to be strong and powerful and play fair.

I have caught Water Vikings in the act of cheating.

If CPAC don’t do anything it’s proof they are bias.

This is solid evidence.

Stop being so hypocritical WV, You finally got exposed but you run around making accusations against other armies.



DR Flen, one of the high ranking owners in Water Vikings was botting a SWAT event. But the penguins have weird names..

You can see Drflens pengs of course..but who is:

Hockey218 – Bottom

Pikachu52263 – Right Side

Verywet1 – Top

Hippogirl65 – Bottom

Puffles98883 – Right

Woytech – Middle

Sofiaqueen10 – left

Eastern2k15 – Left

Blooby1020 – Top

Before I move on I’d like to point out that these penguins are all on ranks, in the same order they are on here.


You’re making it to easy for me.

If these penguins alone are multilogs, imagine how many more WV could be hiding?

Thankfully we have stupid people like Dr Flen to help us out.


There are many more penguins with questionable names..but thats not it. I checked in events to see if these “Bots” attended any of them. Most of them attended this event, but they can be found in different ones easily. Estern2k15 Sofiaqueen10 Woytech Puffles9883 Hippogirl65 Verywet1 Pikachu52263 Hockey218 attend most if not all events.

Screenshot_3 Screenshot_4

During 2 different randomly chosen events I saw both of these “bots” attending. You could probably find more of the bots Dr Flen used in the picture I linked above. Use these events as references.

Verywet1, Hockey218 and Pikachu52263 and a lot more attended.

This goes to show that WV is NOT clean. They can say they are as much as they want.

I want to hear this excuse.

Good Luck,

PS: According to CPAC, Usernames same as Passwords matter so….

User: Hockey218 Pass: Hockey 😉


Here is evidence supplied by Sidie:

ere’s another case (similar to IW) of an army randomly accusing us of multilogging just because they do it. haha this should be saying something by now…


How retarded could you be to have the same usernames and passwords for all of your penguins lol. Your all frail and cant max over 10. You bot on CP and cant get a single join application, your website gets 40 views per day and 30 visitors. I really feel bad for anyone who’s in a blue army because you’re really just a peanut

All credit goes to Sidie, make sure to check out his actual post which will be released soon


More proof:

Penguins with generic names – use their full username excluding numbers as pass
eg. Princess97, princess
Penguins with names relating to Pokemon – pass will always be pokemon
eg. Mewtwo45, pokemon
Note – There could be more multilogs but some penguin names are blocked by emotes or the chat bar.
charizard21 – pokemon
India24 – india
princess97 – princess
mewtwo45 – pokemon
super23 – super
logan1999 – logan
charizard34 – pokemon
Arceus47 – pokemon
Soccer1111 – soccer
pikachu743 – pokemon
Superman2010 – superman
Paintboy57 – paintboy
Still waiting for WV’s deductions,

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