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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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The Fallacy of a Preclude

*DW is not and never will be related to NR. They are not the “new DW”.

I was wrong.

Dear God, I was wrong, but I realize my mistakes. And those realizations will build a foundation stronger than anything, which is the correction of error in our futures.

Do not tell me I didn’t give you a chance. I placed an ultimatum for a reason, and what was the response?


And so we pull the trigger a week early

In early 2015, the Dark Warriors were marked as dead by xiunknown, and DW creator Ambrosha. I was one of the many to stand up, and I was one of the few to not sit back down. Many people today agree with my decisions, and many people today look up to them. However, the Dark Warriors should have remained as they were, and I sincerely wish I was not included with the revival of the Dark Warriors.

What exactly have we accomplished in 2015? The Dark Warriors are a target of bias, and are not improving with the absence of a legend in the leadership. In fact, the Dark Warriors are deteriorating without the presence of a legend. There are no people in DW, currently, who know how to keep an army at the top, consistently, despite the hard work and training we have offered & provided them. Our website is becoming decreasingly active, and our event results are even more bleak. It’s impossible to hide.

DW website statistics:

The DW website views are very conclusive. We are falling. We have very bad views on our website, meaning that overall activity has been falling drastically.

CPAC’s Top Ten Results 2015:


January: A legend (me and others) led DW.

February: I believe a few legends quit, causing DW to fall but still remain in the top 3.

March-April: DW closed.

May-August: DW was led by Freezie66 and I, I believe, seeing our last 1st position.

September-December: DW has never seen 1st again, due to a lack of legends.

Instead of participating in a Club Penguin army, which I highly recommend, I suggest you engage in something more active: such as going out with friends, reading books, learning instruments, playing sports. It all counts. I can tell you right now the only thing I gained from Club Penguin Armies is a stronger political standpoint, and I agree – I’m going to use it in the future. However, I have noticed people aren’t here for real-life benefits. It seems as if most people are here simply to “be-here”. If you don’t have something to do, get out. In DW, when you go in, you go all in.

There is no going back. We have been given many chances, and those chances have been wasted. I will not allow this army to be laughed at because I am not here. I will not allow this army to be masked from what it really is. We are the strongest army, and we will go out with bold confidence.

In conclusion, the Dark Warriors cannot sustain themselves at an acceptable standard without the inclusion of a legend such as Xxtoysoldier, Freezie66, Drake, Spi etc..

And with that being said..

Consider this a quick an painless end, as without exception – everyone (historically) will die out within years. And for what can be accomplished in a year, simply isn’t worth it.

In the sole engraving of our names, whether it is I, Xxtoysoldier: Freezie66, Drake, Puf, xiunknown, SaW, or Ambrosha – we officially put the Dark Warriors to an end. Our legacy however, remains.

I am sorry for trying to provide a dishonest route to our inevitable pleasant end.

And for that, I am the epitome of hypocrisy. And my decisions stand strong.

We burn the light.


-Xxtoysoldier, DW Legend

36 Responses

  1. We Burn The Light.

  2. goodbye dw, me sad 2007-2016

  3. This entire thing is insane :@

  4. Good we already are fucking messed up when lengends left so im glad were done #Retireingfromburningthelight

  5. Good lord we got messed up so much when legends left. They should have stayed so lmao who fucking cares anyways! #DCPFAMFOREVA

  6. Nooo Dark Warriors 😦 Farewell…

  7. Ok so bye dark warrior i won’t miss ya! #@Toy and Freezie Also im fucking done with shit so bye
    ~Jessrules signing the fuck off

  8. lol why tho

  9. Goodbye DW you were the best for me

  10. Don’t worry Dark Warriors, the end of this army had to happen. Every thing ends and there is no exception to that. You should look on the bright side of this. DW has been alive for 9 years and achieved many great things during that time. Nwow it’s the past, e all should move on with our lives. I would like to thank everyone who stayed until the end.
    We Burn The Light

  11. Hello, im from your closest brother,RPF. When i saw the post on our site,i was comfused and sad.your help to us was outstanding and in return,we helped you as brothers.and as you know….Legends live forever.in my heart. You’ll always light up the bad war days.
    Your pal,

  12. Rest in Peace DW , I’m sorry I let you guys down….

  13. Rest in peace, DW :(.

  14. RIP DW, 2007-2016. I wasn’t here for the final generation, but burn the light

  15. Without a doubt it had to come to an end at one point. We couldn’t stay forever. That would be progressively unhealthy for us and for younger troops with their whole lives ahead of them. And I agree with Freezie that the Dark Warriors should have written its final chapter and ended on a legendary age. Toy, you made the right decision.

  16. Burn the Light as always </3. Thank you for the memories DW.

  17. K I was 2ic in DW in like 2013-2014 and we were legendary. We won a ton of stuff and this is tragic, but we wont be forgotten. 🙂 #weburnthelight

  18. umm lemme just say. This is a fraud. First of all he was main on dw chat. Nobody can ban him. 2nd he wouldn’t ban himself to kill something he loved. and yet this kid toy, 1 or 2 omnths ago said he lost all ability and motivation to lead. Then the fucking cunt starts leading iw to 40

  19. […] [You can find xXToysoldier’s version of the DW Shut down post here] […]

  20. […] However, on the same day as Toysoldier posted an ultimatum, a decision was reached. The Dark Warriors have officially shut down. You can view an excerpt from Toysoldiers post announcing the shut down, or view the full post on the Dark Warriors site here. […]

  21. […] However, on the same day as Toysoldier posted an ultimatum, a decision was reached. The Dark Warriors have officially shut down. You can view an excerpt from Toysoldiers post announcing the shut down, or view the full post on the Dark Warriors site here. […]

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