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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Hello, Dark Warriors!

Today I bring you Issue #2 of the Dark Warriors News Central, the best news source from Club Penguin Online related, DW Events, and just armies around us and how they affect us as a whole. This week was a every eventful week – so many things to talk about to all of you, from veterans to new Warriors! If you are new to the Dark Warriors, I would like to welcome you to DW and this edition will fill you in on what’s happened lately. Now, let’s begin, shall we?


Dark Warriors Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors

The Dark Warriors had a major Practice Battle with our brother allies – the Ice Warriors. We decided to change things up and fight them in the 2007 style of Club Penguin Army Warfare, as opposed to the modern style. The feedback received was positive, although not many have commented. Let us know if this is your preferred way of fighting other armies!

Overall the battle was very successful, and both sides had a lot of fun. The Dark Warriors would once again like to wish the Ice Warriors a GG for battling us to train recruits from both sides! The full post of these results can be found here.


The Warriors Alliance have declared war on… Doritos

The Warriors Alliance have fully declared war on Doritos, they are the true enemy of the Dark Warriors. The Warriors Alliance (TWA for short) consists of Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors, and Templars. Many of you have been asking why we’ve declared war on them, especially for the newer people. Simply put – the Doritos are a very toxic army, pretending as if they treat each other like family – when really deep down – they are desperate for anything to win against us.

The funny thing about this is that the DW had no hostilities against Doritos when we first re-opened. Freezie66 – Current DW Leader and long time DW legend – actually used to lead the Doritos before he reopened DW with me, Spi101. When talks about reopening DW was in, he decided to respectfully leave the Doritos – yes, respectfully. He had to say this on his retirement post found here in the Doritos website:

Why am I leaving the Doritos? Quite simply, there is an army that I hold close to my heart & it is returning. Many people within the leadership are aware of this and I have too much respect for them and the people within this army to go behind their backs and help it rise. I cannot focus my efforts on two armies. I feel tension rising, and I understand why. I don’t want it to end ugly, so I am doing the right thing and leaving.

And before anyone in the Doritos website decides to draft/delete the post for whatever reason, like the time when Kyle103 retired from the Doritos:

So what happened here, really? The Doritos weren’t very happy about his departure. In their own discord, they started badmouthing the Dark Warriors and raising their stakes when the Christmas Chaos Finals were in. When DW and DCP have tied in the Finals, they weren’t very happy about that either, so more badmouthing came in. Dark Warriors don’t stand armies talking smack, It’s quite simple.

The official Declaration of War post can be found here, although a very short and simple post.

The Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors & Templars (The Warriors Alliance) declare war on the Doritos. They are our #1 enemy. They are not allowed anywhere. We are at War.

It’ll take a lot of effort everyone, but we aren’t leaving without the Doritos falling!




In this week, we’re going to be asking stuff about… me this time I guess. Throughout the week, many of you had questions about me, and for the most part – I’ve answered most questions. But if there are any more questions you guys would like to ask me, I’m available to DM in discord whenever. I can’t guarantee I’ll always reply though, so please be patient! What kind of questions can you ask me? Well it can range from Dark Warriors to what video games I play. So, feel free to ask!



The Dark Warriors invade the Dorito Capital of Summit

Finally, the biggest highlight of this weeks Issue in DWNC is here – The Invasion of Summit. In the 3rd of January, the Dark Warriors marched onto their capital and claimed it as ours. Now the question here is, did we win? Well, as I wrote on the results post – It’s so very typical of the “Doritos Oligarchy” that they just simply don’t show up to our Invasion. It’s nothing new in DW history, we’ve had to face this multiple times before. Anyhow, the Dark Warriors had a very successful Invasion, with sizes of 50-55+ DW into the server. I’m very proud of all of you!

Everyone who attended received promotions and coins for this event. Let’s keep the steam going against the toxic Doritos! The full results post can be found here.


Club Penguin Online’s 2nd Anniversary, Freezie66 congratulates Dark Warriors

Some more things that popped up today was Club Penguin Online’s 2nd Anniversary. There are new rooms, items, a background, a prize and a new code to collect in a Scavenger Hunt. As Kyle103 – one of the authors of the Dark Warriors News Central – said it best here,

Today, marks the 2nd Anniversary of Club Penguin Online! It was created by Riley and Timmy back in Jan 04, 2018. Riley was inspired by Club Penguin Brasil and Club Penguin Rewritten to make Club Penguin Online with his friend, Timmy.  Riley & Timmy was considered to be the brains behind the game, coming up with party ideas and updates for the game that would attract new users such as us.

The full post can be found here

On the other side of news, Freezie66 would like to congratulate Dark Warriors. If you guys don’t know yet, he was unavailable for most of the week because of his laptop charger being broken. Next week makes his return once more to continue leading.

Tomorrow I will be getting my Laptop Charger back, so I’ll be able to be fully active again. Spi101 has done what he does best and led the army to almost perfection while I’ve been gone since last week. There’s a reason why I only wanted to open DW with him. Already we’ve built up a special community, I’m able to come on chat and see it be active at any time and can see multiple games being played all by amazing Dark Warriors from all over the world & different backgrounds. It’s great, I only feel bad because I haven’t really been there to help build it.

Our assault against the Doritos will continue through out the week. DW Forever.

The full post can be found here


I hope you all enjoyed this weeks of the Dark Warriors News Central. We had a very eventful week with lots of updates coming through. We should now be looking at the week ahead of us and the impact we’re going to leave, because the most important bit of all is that we are at war. The Dark Warriors will never surrender until the fight has been won. Thank you all for reading!

From the Authors of the Dark Warriors News Central

& From the United Coalition Dark Warriors Nation,

๖̶̶̶§pi101, Freezie66, Twaseen, Kyle103

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