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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Hello, Dark Warriors!

Welcome back to another issue of the Dark Warriors News Central. As customary to DW, we’re going to be recapping what’s happened this week in our army! In our 3rd week of returning to Club Penguin Armies, many events have been taken place in just a short time span, and as always we are going to recap them all together for not just reflection of the week overall, but for anyone who’s joined Dark Warriors – WELCOME! Read this post to get caught up!


The Warriors Alliance invade Frosty from the Doritos

The Warriors Alliance remain on the initiative and invade the capital of the Dark Warriors back. The battle was very close, very heated from both sides. The Warriors Alliance fought the Doritos in the Iceberg, Docks, Plaza & Stadium. Both sides had claimed victory and dispute was thrown all over, globally. Nobody truly knew who owned the server of Frosty while the battle was close – although I myself think the Warriors Alliance had won that.

“Today we regained our capital Frosty back with the Warrior alliance. We beat the Doritos in both tactics & formations and successfully invaded four rooms. It was a success. This is the first time that the Dark Warriors have held possession over Frosty in over 4 and a half years & we don’t plan on losing it anytime soon” – Freezie66, Dark Warriors Leader

As written by Freezie, It was said that the Warriors Alliance beat the Doritos in tactics & formations, successfully invading four rooms for the server. This is a pretty historic moment for the Dark Warriors.

Again, the battle was extremely close. Thank you to everyone that showed up to this event! The Doritos as usual in their nature decided that they won the battle for whatever reason, but anyhow, a fun battle to them! The full post can be found here

Practice Battle with the Ice Warriors

The Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors collide once again in a UK practice battle and won victoriously! This time, we fought them in the traditional modern style of Club Penguin Army Warfare. The Dark Warriors maxed 35 and averaged 30-35 in the practice battle, I’m proud of you Warriors! Here are some battle pictures taken:

“Today we logged on to battle our brother allies, the Ice Warriors for a UK battle. We maxed sizes of 35 and had beautiful tactics, I’d like to thank every Dark Warrior who showed up today. We burned the light & we’re just continuing to get stronger. Make sure to keep checking the Discord for future battles & January’s recruiting contest” – Freezie66, Dark Warriors Leader

As again written by Freezie, we burned the light & we’re continuing to get stronger. Our tactics were amazing.

GG to the Ice Warriors for battling us! We hope that we can coordinate more awesome battles with the Ice Warriors later in the future. The full post can be found here


The Warriors Alliance vs Dorito War Ends

The Warriors Alliance vs the Dorito war has officially ended. The conflict has lasted for over 2 weeks, and in those 2 weeks – it was decided that neither side had any benefit from the war. Leaders from both sides got together in a group chat and have made the pact official: The Doritos are now neutral to the UCDWN & are open to our borders.

The Warriors Alliance (Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors) have to come to terms with the Doritos – agreeing that the Warriors-DCP war ends on a stalemate. The Doritos remain neutral. Thank you to everyone being apart of this war. – Spi101, Dark Warriors Leader

Once again, I’d like to thank every one of you who took apart of this war. The Warriors Alliance will still remain active as it signifies the strong bond that the Dark Warriors & Ice Warriors have. The full post can be found here

The Warriors Alliance & Doritos fight in The Battle of Frosty

As long awaited, the biggest highlight of this week is The Battle of Frosty. The Warriors Alliance & the Doritos logged on this Saturday, January 11th after a weeks notice of the dispute over the claims of Frosty. We had a judge from the Club Penguin Online Army League attend this battle in short-notice to finally decide who owns the Dark Warriors Capital, and it was decided that The Warriors Alliance won victoriously.

“it was clear who the true winners were as a judge was set to determine the results of this battle. I’m very proud of all the Dark Warriors & Ice Warriors that attended this battle, and I would like to thank our brother allies for partnering with us against them. We maxed 75-80 Warriors in total against the Doritos”, -Spi101 Dark Warriors Leader

As said by me here & the Judge above, we were tremendously huge in sizes and the Warriors Alliance win 2-1. Once more, I’d like to thank every warrior that attended this battle and will be rewarded with their coins & promotions. Here are some battle pictures:


Amazing job, Warriors. I want to give a shoutout to the Ice Warriors as mentioned above for partnering with us as the biggest Alliance in Club Penguin Armies 2020. This alliance can never be broken. Click here for the full post

Dark Warriors Invade the server of Ice Box & Celebrate

Just today, the Dark Warriors have decided to celebrate our victory yesterday by invading the server of Ice Box and partying on it. This server used to be the historic capital of the Light Troops, a former foe who are not here in the Club Penguin Army World anymore. It’s for this reason why the Dark Warriors claim this server.

Today we invaded the server of Ice Box while also celebrating from yesterday’s big battle to fight for the claims of Frosty. This server was the capital of Light Troops, an old enemy – so it was in the best interest for the Dark Warriors to own the server. Thank you to everyone who attended – promotions & coins should be given! We maxed 45 and averaged 40-45.

Ice box is ours! Read the full post here

Thank you for recapping this week! In other news, we have many new additions to the Dark Warriors Leadership & I would like you to welcome them. The Dark Warriors are going to have a darker future (I’m so funny, aren’t I?) as next week progresses. WE BURN THE LIGHT – and I will see you next week in DWNC!

From the United Coalition Dark Warriors Nation,

From the Authors of Dark Warriors News Central,

๖̶̶̶§pi101, Freezie66, Twaseen, Bee & the Dark Warriors Staff

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