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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Dark Warriors’ New Leadership

As the Dark Warriors have opened back up, leadership roles were opened up as both Spi and Freezie have retired. The owners of the Dark Warriors have decided that 3 people will being moving either to Leader in Training or into a DW Supreme Commander.

The First Owner Becoming a Commander is……


Since Myra joined in late December 2019, she has been extremely loyal and always on hand ready to do anything to boost the Dark Warriors. Myra recruits whenever she can greatly boosting the server and it’s events. Myra is always ready to help in events and make them run smoothly and organized. Myra has definitely deserved this spot as a DW Supreme Commander.

The Second Owner Becoming a Commander is…..


Noa has started out like some others in the army in January 2020, as a Third in Command. Noa quickly rose up through into Second in Command and soon became a crucial part of the army. Noa became our bot manager and added bots like SkyNet and the Battle Countdown bot to DM all dark privates about the event that is happening and to tell when the event is respectfully. Without Noa and their bot skills, the Dark Warriors wouldn’t be what it is today.

And Finally, our brand new Leader in Training….


Megann has been with the Dark Warriors since December 2019 and has been hard at work making a name for herself. She has always found ways to keep the chat active no matter what the time of day it was for her. Megann always kept a nice but serious attitude when it comes to events which made them run smooth. Without Megann, I think the chats would just be a bare wasteland

Without those 3 people being in the army, this army would never be what it is today. Please give those three a big congrats when you see them online again, they deserve it.

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