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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Puffle Party 2020 – The O’Berry Hunt

Hello Dark Warriors!

As some of you may know, CPO released the Puffle Party today! Keep reading to find out how to finish today’s mission.

Once we log on, we”ll see P.H telling us about the new party:

Okay! In the top right corner, we can click on the green puffle silhouette and we will be able to see today’s quest.

We will have different hints to get the 6 O’Berrys.
For the first one, let’s go to the beach! 🏖️

Now, for the next hint:

Sounds like the Coffee Shop! ☕

There it is! Next one?

Sled Racing! Let’s go the Ski Hill. 🏔️

The next hint is…

Now we have to head to the Pizzeria! 🍕

It’s behind the piano!

Now to the only room with a clock, the Snow Forts ☃️

The last hint:

For our last location, we have to go to the Puffle Wild. Let’s go!

That would be the last O’Berry! Now that we’ve collected all 6 of them, we can collect the items of this quest.

That’s the end of the post! I’ll be posting the next mission tomorrow, make sure to check it out!

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