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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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The Official Shutdown of the Dark Warriors – A History



While some of you may not agree with this & I understand why – the Dark Warriors must be closed to preserve our legacy and what we’ve achieved in this generation. The facts are – DW was literally bombarded with another armies name and logo, 600+ posts that belonged to another army. Our legacy was ruined for years after CP ended and I was never around to fix it. Nobody wanted to ever restore what this army was. Army veterans like Eden commonly say that reviving armies in the CPPS world taints their legacy and while I definitely hear that point, I cannot say that applies to DW. No, we weren’t as big as we were in 2012-2015 but most importantly we led with the idea that DW was the greatest army to ever exist and we tried our best to restore the soul and identity of the army, which I believe we have succeed in doing. We consistently maxed sizes of 35-40 with no coins & no auto-typing, which in itself is very impressive.

There are far too many people I’d like to thank. No matter what I may have said about Club Penguin Online in the past, they gave not just DW, but armies the platform to be revived and succeed, so for that I will always be grateful. I respect the moderators and admins of the game to a point where I did not want to auto-type 3-4 penguins anymore like armies did on the original Club Penguin. Even though he was a Light Troop and fought against DW many times in the past, I’d like to thank Epic101 for helping kick-start the army and helping Spi and I lead the Christmas Chaos final, which we tied with the Doritos on 6 days of being reopened, a legendary accomplishment. But most importantly, I want to thank every single troop of the Dark Warriors for helping me restore and revive something that practically was my childhood.

I came back to the community after 5 years to end DW on a better note than it got and I know for a fact that has been achieved. All of the troops and legends of DW in the past like SaW, if you ever read this post Spi101 and I came back to fix the army and make it right. I wasn’t the 15 year old kid who would sit making rage posts and use armies to take my anger out, I was simply someone who wanted to make up for not being there when DW got destroyed and rebuild the army, give it a respectable ending with a bunch of great people helping along the way. I never had an ego, I maxed 70+ regularly back in the day, it meant nothing; it’s just a number. just as maxing that number with another army felt void. What matters is the memories and people you meet, and I know for a certainty I met amazing ones here in my 2 month return to the community.

I’d like to thank people like Pufpuf103, Agent 11, Flo, Ninja, Andrew24, Flamez, Final Chaser, Ghost for all returning to the community with me as-well – and of course my brother Spi101 who I would never have been able to do this without. We all practically grew up together, the fact that we all came back to do this one last time shows how crazy this community really is.  Like I mentioned, there’s far too many people from the new generation to mention and thank for making these two months a blast but to give you an idea, people like xBee, Noa, MyraQQ, Megann, AlphaLaura. You guys are legends and my friends forever – I hope you can understand why we have done this and I am sorry if you wanted DW to go on longer.

What’s next for me and why is this decision being made? Quite simply, many of you may have noticed that my activity has gradually been getting worse. I work a job & go to school. Managing something like DW takes its toll, and its the same for Spi101. That and DW has really nothing to prove. We only had to restore our identity and pride, which we did the moment we maxed 80+ and won the Christmas Chaos trophy. As for what’s next for me – I will still try my best to help out the Pirate Army and the CP Army League, but again I won’t be anywhere near as active. As a person, my DM on Discord will always be open for anyone if they’d wish to talk. Thank you so much, everyone.  DARK WARRIORS FOREVER.


The Dark Warriors are officially going to be shut down in modern day of Club Penguin Armies, probably a final one. It saddens me as I write this because the Dark Warriors has always been a home to me ever since I was a young child in the Original CP armies wanting to find purpose in each aspect of my life I live today.

The truth is, I am much older now. I cannot fully support the Dark Warriors as I once could when I was that young child. Things would be very different if I was still in my youth for this Club Penguin Army, however I have made too many trades for little investment that in hindsight, It’s not really worth to drag something out for so long unnecessarily when it could be put to rest – that has been the situation for Dark Warriors for about a week now. I truly love this army and I wish I could make things different, but at this state, I cannot.

I remember being approached by Freezie about modern day Club Penguin armies, the Doritos, the Pirates, the new Army League, everything. I was thoroughly intrigued but I genuinely did not want to lead an army anymore if it wasn’t with my best friend. When we both agreed to lead the Dark Warriors again, It felt like a throwback to the youth we both had in the year of 2013 where the Dark Warriors & RPF had mostly reigned supreme. Fast forward to years 2014-2015, the Dark Warriors had yet again remained as the best Club Penguin army that no other army could compete with. We have crushed multiple armies – Doritos, UMA, Light Troops, notably to name, and in the journey through this, many friendships were named and we still have DW veterans to this day who can confirm our supremacy.

While the army’s history goes all the way back to 2007, the most notable year was definitely 2012 when SaW and xiunknown had decided to revive the Dark Warriors with a stable generation, a stable foundation to put down without the website being defaced or our xat chatrooms being reset every week – and as a result, a legacy of a generation was given birth, from years 2012 all the way to now, 2020. When DW made a comeback in It’s first or two, we grew faster than any other army, re-made the Warriors Alliance, and knocked the Doritos, one of the only other armies still here to this day – in a matter of 2 weeks short. That to me will forever be an accomplishment in the continued CP army history I’ve garnered in my time here.

I can proudly say that in our time of coming back to Club Penguin Online armies, this was a very successful generation of the Dark Warriors. We’ve pinned several achievements in such quick succession. Before our revival, the website of DW was slandered with the sick obsession of Night Warriors. This very website was full of Night Warriors stuff with an entire generation of NW, with terrible anti-DW groups like “Night Rebels” co-existing the grave of Dark Warriors, ruining our name and legacy. With our return in the official leadership of me – Spi101, Freezie66, bee, and our ownership – we have successfully restored the honor and spirit of our army.

I have never thought I’d be returning to Club Penguin Armies personally, so I have no problem sharing on what I have been like after our last departure – I’m part of bigger communities now, Overwatch in specific. Freezie has been more involved in this world of CP armies and I have only ever wanted to lead this army with him regardless of how actually old I am, and with that being said – I don’t regret anything at all.

I want to thank Freezie for just about everything, both as my best friend and not just a Dark Warriors Legend, but an Army Legend himself. We have sticked together through the thick and thin and together as a power duo in CP armies, there was never a doubt in any decisions we’ve made. Leading the army has been seamless, and we provided the best for our army with whatever we could work with. We were always on the same page, we have never argued – and to this day, we still keep in touch outside of CP armies. This is the magic that makes CP armies special that separates us from Club Penguin itself.

The Dark Warriors website will now hold as a memorial, dating back from our very re-creation in 2012, to the steadfast change in leadership in 2014, then to the Tanks era, and then the strongest era as a personal favorite, the Dragons era. We’ve brought so much impact to the community, both from the Original CP armies all the way to the new, and to the end of it. I salute every single one of you, whether you were to the new army, or an old legend like myself. The Dark Warriors will forever be my home, and a special place to my youth.

For the last time,

We burn the Light

The Black Alliance has returned

Hello, Dark Warriors!

With the return of the Pirates coming led by Andrew24, If you don’t know already – the Ice Warriors are no longer an army. Our new brother allies are the Pirates. This will be the revival of the Black Alliance, a very feared alliance that was aimed to taking down the former number one army, ACP. This will be replacing The Warriors Alliance.


Hello Dark Warriors,

Today we kicked our war off against the Aliens with a bang. We invaded White Out without any resistance, securing the land for the Dark Warriors nation. As for our performance, we did amazing for a weekday as per usual. We grew in size as the event went on and maxed out at around 35 troops at the Town. Thanks to everyone who attended this event, remember to pay attention to the event schedule in the Discord.

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Dark Warriors Declare War on Aliens


The Dark Warriors declare war on Aliens. We must show the new army world who we are. Check our WAR SCHEDULE for more information, thank you.



Hello, Dark Warriors!

After a whole week of internal drama and recovery in the Dark Warriors, we’ve taken our recovery event in a WAR TRAINING today and I couldn’t have been more satisfied. We maxed 35 and averaged 30-35 throughout the whole event and that’s just the start of our rise yet again. For anyone who’s attended this event, you’ve also been rewarded the coins. Thank you for coming!

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