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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Tuesday Battle with Ice Warriors – Results

Hello Dark Warriors,

Today we logged on to battle our brother allies, the Ice Warriors. Both armies did well and had good tactics – we maxed around 35 soldiers which is amazing for a weekday and quite early for US timings. Thank you guys for attending, and be sure to attend the upcoming events this week – a game night on Thursday.

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Parade/Invasion of Ice Box – Results

Hello, Dark Warriors!

Today we invaded the server of Ice Box while also celebrating from yesterday’s big battle to fight for the claims of Frosty. This server was the capital of Light Troops, an old enemy – so it was in the best interest for the Dark Warriors to own the server. Thank you to everyone who attended – promotions & coins should be given! We maxed 45 and averaged 40-45.

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The Warriors Alliance & Dorito War ends on a stalemate

The Warriors Alliance (Dark Warriors, Ice Warriors) have to come to terms with the Doritos – agreeing that the Warriors-DCP war ends on a stalemate. The Doritos remain neutral. Thank you to everyone being apart of this war. 


Hello Dark Warriors,

Today we logged on to battle our brother allies, the Ice Warriors for a UK battle. We maxed sizes of 35 and had beautiful tactics, I’d like to thank every Dark Warrior who showed up today. We burned the light & we’re just continuing to get stronger. Make sure to keep checking the Discord for future battles & January’s recruiting contest.


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Frosty has been regained for the first time in 4 years.

Hello Dark Warriors,

Today we regained our capital Frosty back with the Warrior alliance. We beat the Doritos in both tactics & formations and successfully invaded four rooms. It was a success. This is the first time that the Dark Warriors have held possession over Frosty in over 4 and a half years & we don’t plan on losing it anytime soon.


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