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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return!

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    You can also find us as the “Dark Pirates” on CPR!

    We burn the light!

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Dark Warriors Beginners Guide

Table of Contents


Welcome to the Dark Warriors! We are glad you made it all the way over here to read up on our guide. If you haven’t already, join our Discord server by clicking on the homepage and joining through our Discord link.

Who are the Dark Warriors? The Dark Warriors are a Club Penguin army created in 2007 by Dark Warriors legend, Ambrosha. We are one of the oldest armies here on Club Penguin therefore, we are well known within the community. We are not only an army, we are a family that is built up on love and support for one another. Here, you can interact with people from all parts of the world, make new friends, and most of all, have fun. We strive towards providing a warm and welcoming community for all here. The bond that leaders, staff, and members share, make this the best army in all of club penguin.

What do we do?

  • We fight battles against other armies to claim servers on Club Penguin. (Battles and tactics will be explained further in the guide). The Dark Warriors “battle it out” against a variety of different armies for a spot on the Club Penguin Army League (CPOAL) Top Ten Armies Leaderboard. Our goal is to reach the top and be the best army out there. Don’t miss these battle events! Nitro giveaways, promotions, and up to 6000 CPO coins may be given out to troops who attend!
  • We also have recruiting sessions where members of the Dark Warriors can recruit new troops to our army. We encourage all members to recruit, as this will help DW grow — recruiting can be done anytime of the day, any day of the week. More information regarding recruiting can be found below.
  • Finally, we have game nights. Of course, the Dark Warriors know how to have a good time. Game nights are a fun way to unwind and get to know the people in Dark Warriors. We also have a variety of games that are a great way to interact with both the leaders and the members of DW.
  • We also have CPO cheats, tips, and tricks. On our discord we have a mascot tracker that alerts users where mascots can be found. We also have a pin tracker; every time a new pin gets released, you get to be one of the first people to know about it!


The Complete Dark Warriors Uniform

The Dark Warriors wouldn’t be complete without a super cool uniform! This legendary uniform has been used since the beginning of time. Wear it with pride and represent the Dark Warriors today!

  • The Color Black
  • The Black Sneakers
  • The Black Sunglasses
  • The Black Hoodie
  • Green Scuba Tank
  • The Black Bandana
  • The Black Electric Guitar

♗ You can get the black guitar from the Code “DARKWARRIORS

♗ Your puffles can dig up the black bandana.

♗ For the rest of items, go to the Clothing Shop in the town and click on the “Penguin Style” Catalog. Then go to the ‘Classic Items’ pages (Yellow Pages)

It’s not mandatory that you wear the uniform 24/7, but when recruiting or joining our events we require you to wear it so that we can properly distinguish who is a Dark Warrior and who isn’t.

The Color Black
The Black Sneakers
The Black Sunglasses
The Black Hoodie

For the Green Scuba Tank, go to the Mall in Plaza and click on the Costume Trunk.

The Green Scuba Tank

If you do not have the full uniform, just wear anything black

New Uniform (Code: DARKWARRIORS)

Here are different versions of the uniform that you may choose from:


You may mix up both uniforms however you please.


Here you can find out all of the ranks that we have at DW. Each rank has their own specific color and are arranged in the following order. There are three categories of ranks: Owners, Moderators, and Members.

  • Owners: DW High Command
  • Moderators: DW Staff
  • Members: Troops


DW Supreme Commander

Leader In Training

Second in Command

Third in Command



Dark Lord

Dark Guardian

Junior Dark Guardian

Trial Guardian (Trial Mod)



Dark Officer


Dark Specialist

Junior Dark Specialist

Major Colonel



Lance Corporal

Master Sergeant


Dark Private

Events & Game Nights

The Dark Warriors have a variety of events always going on. There are three types of events: Army Events, Recruiting Events, and Fun Events. Each event category will be explained further. At DW, we also have fun activities where members can bond with one another — these are called Game Nights — Read down below for more info!


  • Army Events | Recruiting Events  | Fun Events
  • Army Events:
    • Army Events are HUGE Events, each and every Dark Warriors must come to Army Events.
    • Promotions/Demotions will be given based on the amount of people that come to the event and the performance of people at the event.
    • Once a week, Dark Warriors have a coin event. The Admins of CPO will give out a certain amount of coins to each Dark Warrior who attends. This could range from 3000-6000 coins!
    • Army Events include different tactics and different formations.
    • If for some reason you cannot attend, you must leave an inactivity message in our #inactivity-reasons discord channel to avoid a demotion.
    • You must wear the UNIFORM for army events unless otherwise stated by the leaders.
    • All army event orders are given in #general or #event-center.
  • Recruiting Events:
    • We will have special events where all of Dark Warriors can participate in recruiting new members.
    • Recruiting events can be done multiple times in a day.
    • Don’t forget to welcome all new members with open arms!
    • Recruit alongside Leaders and DW members for rank promotions or even maybe coins!
  • Fun Events
    • Leaders & High Command will host fun CPO related events throughout the week.
    • The Commander/Event Leader will explain the rules for the event.
    • Of course DW knows how to have fun! These events are a great way for members to unwind from the army aspect of Dark Warriors and have fun with other members. These events can be in the form of: fashion shows, party events (for example: birthdays and cpo weddings), game tournaments, stamp events such as igloo raids, snowball fights, costume contests, igloo contests AND MORE!

Down below are various event pics of the Dark Warriors during the Christmas Chaos 2019 tournament.

Game Nights

  • Sometimes battling other armies can get quite boring and repetitive – here in DW we promise much more! We like to host game nights to have a good time together and to bond with other warriors. During these game nights, we play games on Club Penguin such as Card Jitsu, Find Four, Sled Race, Survivor and Hide and Seek and other games outside of CPO such as Cards Against Humanity, Kahoot, UNO & Skribbl.io.
  • These games are free to play and don’t require any downloads – except for Town of Salem in which you do need an account. If you don’t have one already, you’ll be provided with a code to play.
  • Dark Warrior game nights are hosted in the #game-chat channel and on Voice Chat – you don’t have to talk if you don’t want to, but we believe chatting on voice makes the experience more fun!

Check out the discord Game-Night channel for the rules regarding games and its correlating website link. All game night events will be posted on the discord.


Now for the most anticipated part of the Dark Warriors Beginner’s Guide, the “How-to’s”. Most of the time, penguins see us on CPO and come up to us with all sorts of questions. Guess what? We’re here to answer all the questions most frequently asked.

How-to get coins

The most frequent questions we get asked are, “How do I get coins?” “How do you give out coins?” “How do I know you guys aren’t a scam??” Well you’ve come to the right place! We are here to tell you that this is not a scam and yes, you can actually get free coins for being in the Dark Warriors.

  • Club Penguin Online supports armies — coins are used as an incentive for allowing members to have fun and actively participate in the activity of CPO.
  • Each army on CPO is allowed to have three COIN EVENTS per week. Make sure to check out our #event-information channel for specifics on whether or not it will be a coin event.
  • The Admins of Club Penguin Online are able to give out coins. They do not need your account information to give you coins, they have a command that will just add the coins to your account. At the end of each coin event we ask each Dark Warrior member who attended, to put their CPO username in the #coins channel and from there we are able to compile a list of usernames to give to the admins for proper coin distribution.
  • There can be a range of 3000-6000 coins given at each coin event depending on the size and activity of Dark Warriors.
  • If you think about it, by coming to all 12 coin events in a month, you could earn an average of 72,000 coins each month!


I’m sure that most of you are wondering, “How do I rank up?” “How do I become a Dark Lord or even a Commander?” Keep reading to see how you can get promoted within our army!

  • Come to events!–By coming to events you have a chance to be promoted! The more events you come to, the higher chances you have of getting promoted. If a leader announces a target event (for example, if the event target is 50+ Dark Warriors) and if we achieve that goal, all Dark Warriors that came to the event will be promoted one rank. You can help achieve this goal by recruiting and hyping the chat.
  • By Recruiting— If you recruit people to the army (whether it’s inviting friends or asking people in game to join) you are recruiting and helping the army grow. By doing this, you may get promoted after inviting 4-5 new recruits. When leaders are online and see you actively recruiting, you have a very high chance of getting promoted. You will be one step closer to becoming DW Staff or even DW High Command!
  • Joining the Dark Warriors Recruiting Force (DWRF)— We have a DWRF rank on our discord. People who have this rank must recruit in-game and invite others to join our discord server. People who have this rank will also have an increased chance of being promoted. If you want the role, go to #role-menu channel on Discord, and react to DWRF.
  • Staying Active in Chat–As a community, communication and interaction between members is very important so that we are all familiar with each other. Don’t be afraid to join and start new conversations in the main chat with other members!
  • Give us suggestionsIf you suggest ideas in our suggestions channel and your idea is liked and approved by our Leaders, you may also get promoted! So come up with creative ideas and let us know in our suggestions channel. We are always looking for new ways to make DW better!
  • Help us out with Mascot Tracking & Pin Tracking – If you help us out by telling us where the latest pin is or by telling us where a mascot is you will earn a promotion.

Attending events and chatting on our discord server is the traditional way to rank up, but the FASTEST WAY TO GE PROMOTED is to RECRUIT new members on Club Penguin.

Warrior of the Week

The Warrior of the Week (WOTW) is a weekly award for warriors who stand out throughout the week, whether it’s from recruiting, being an active warrior and interacting with people, or showing loyalty in the army from experience. If you win this weekly award, you will be given the Warrior of the Week role and your name will be posted on announcements for everyone to see!


How-to battle

While in the Dark Warriors, you will be involved in many battles/wars with other armies. Don’t worry though, no battle ever gets physical or violent. The worst that can happen is being hit with a snowball.

  • How do battles work? In terms of Club Penguin armies, we use various forms of tactics and formations to fight our opponents during battles.
  • Why do we have battles? Most of the time, we have battles with other armies to determine who will own a server. Most of these types of battle occur during wars. Some armies will also have “practice battles” and these practice battles are mainly for fun and obviously for practice as well.
  • What are formations? Formations are used to make an army look organized. Formations may be lines or shapes that the troops will need to collectively position themselves in during the battle.
  • What are tactics? Tactics are what is used to fight against an opponent in a battle. Some tactics that may be used are: emotes, words/phrases, or motions (such as bombing or throwing snowballs). These tactics are coordinated and performed by everyone at the same time during a battle.


As explained above, formations are used to make an army look organized. Armies may use different shapes or lines to organize themselves into. For example, they may make a diagonal line across the room, or make a line along the chat bar on Club Penguin. If the leader wishes to do so, they may even have their army make a formation of letters. Formations are the base of our battles, and troops need to position themselves correctly in the different rooms to form them. The main formations are:

  • Circle
  • Chat bar Line
  • Diagonal Line
  • Horizontal Line/Vertical Line
  • 2 Parallel Lines
  • 3 Parallel Lines
  • 4 Parallel Lines
  • X-Shaped Line
  • X-Shaped Line inside a Circle
  • Plus Shaped Line (+)
  • Plus Shaped Line inside a Circle
  • V Shape
  • Triangle
  • Upside Down T/Anchor 
  • 2 Horizontal Lines and a Vertical Line
  • Backward L
  • Infinity Symbol
Circle Formation
Chat Bar Line
Diagonal Line
Horizontal Line
2 Parallel Lines
3 Parallel Lines
4 Parallel Lines
X-shaped Line
Circle and X-shaped Line
Plus-shaped Line (+)
Circle and Plus-shaped Line
V Shape
Upside-Down T/Anchor
2 Horizontal lines with a Vertical line in the Middle
Backwards L
Infinity Symbol

Battle Tactics

During our battles, we do tactics. This is when the whole army does a specific command made by a leader. To be the best troop possible, it is vital that you do them as perfectly as possible. Here is a list of every emote that can be done on Club Penguin:

➤ Emote Tactics: Emotes are the most common tactics that we use during our battles. Most of them are created by pressing “E” on your keyboard followed by another number/letter. For example, pressing “E” and “M” to create the coin emoji. If you are not able to do the emote, take your curser away from the chat bar and click anywhere else on the screen. Then try pressing the keys on your keyboard again.

Coins Emote (E+M) Tactic in a X-formation
Mad Faces (E+9) Emote in a Plus-Formation

➤ Word/Phrases Tactics: Word tactic is another type of tactic which are done at events. Leaders/commanders choose the phrase and the phrase is then typed out in the chat-bar and entered at the count of 3 by the troops. “WE BURN THE LIGHT” is the dark warriors tagline and is used very often.

Word Tactic: “WE BURN THE LIGHT”

➤ Motion Tactics: Motion tactics are tactics where troops are given an emote/word tactic which they need to spam while performing a bomb or throwing snowballs at a target simultaneously.

  • Bomb – Bomb tactics are special tactics that commanders may tell you to do before changing formations or entering new rooms. For bomb tactics, troops are told to leave their current formations and run around the room usually while doing a given tactic simultaneously. Troops may also be commanded to bunch in a corner and charge in the room at the count of 3 while performing the emote/word tactic. An example is the “J” bomb where troops run around the room pressing the J key on the keyboard, spamming random jokes. It is recommended to change the settings to hide penguins when performing bomb tactics so that you are able to run around the room faster.
  • Snowballs – For this tactic, troops may be asked to throw snowballs at their opponents. Hold down T on your keyboard and select the snow ball icon in the chat bar. This will allow you to throw snowballs continuously at your target.
E+8 Bomb from Left Side of the Bleachers, and E+9 Bomb from the Right Side of the Bleachers – Stadium

Practice how to use emotes during your free time, so that when events are commencing, you are ready to execute the commands!

The Bunching Rule

Another important thing that needs to be done on the battlefield is known as spreading out. No, not like spreading butter on toast, but spreading out as an army so we don’t bunch up. Bunching is when you stand too close to other troops in formations. Spread out and fill gaps, we all want to be shown on Club Penguin so we look bigger than the other team.

What’s wrong with the first picture?

  • When we are bunched up, our army looks smaller and weaker.
  • It confuses troops into thinking that is one person
  • It makes it harder for the leaders to see all of their troops!
How to Spread Out in a Formation

Preparing for a Battle

Dual Screens
  • Use Dual screens – open two tabs one for discord and the other for club penguin on your computer.
  • Wear your uniform to events, uniforms can be found in #uniform.
  • Log on to the specified server and room 15 minutes before the battle to start warming up.
  • Do not bunch up or stand on other people during a formation, spread out and fill gaps!
  • Help hype the chat before the event and get people ready!
  • Do not spam or send unnecessary things in the main chat during the event.
  • The chat may be muted before the battle starts to make it easier for leaders/commanders to give commands during the event.
  • Turn off your EPF trackers, and leave your puffles in your igloos.

Open your EPF phone on the bottom left side of the screen, then click on gadgets and switch it off by selecting “on”. EPF trackers are distractions during battles, making it harder to perform tactics and to move through formations.

Battle Commands

  • Always have Discord open when we have an event.
  • All formations, battle tactics, changing rooms will be announced by the leaders/commanders on our discord server.
  • The server and room will be announced before the battle begins, log on to the server and get ready.
  • Pay attention to the discord and listen to the leaders for orders and commands. It’s very important for troops to follow commands as they are told so that everyone is coordinated and synchronized.
  • Always wait for the leaders to give the count. On the server during events, leaders will give a head count and say “1,2,3”. Every tactic should be spammed on the count of 3 without stopping for AT LEAST 5 seconds.
  • If an emote tactic is given, spam the emote with the commands on your keyboard.
  • For example if a leader gives the command “E+9 on 3” , you need to press E and 9 on your keyboard to create the mad face emoji on the count of 3.
  • In case of a text tactic, copy the phrase and paste it into the chat bar 5 times on club penguin after the signal is given by the commanders.
  • Do not take a lot of time moving formations and changing rooms, do it as quickly as possible.
  • Open your maps immediately when leaders command “Open Maps” and wait for them to announce a room. When the room is announced enter the room as fast as you can and get in position for the formation. For example, when a leader says “Stadium Make a Circle”, go to Stadium from your maps and form a circle. Do not bunch, and make it as perfect as you can.
  • If the screen does not load because the room is full, try reloading the page and logging in again, or switch Old Client on CPO.
  • And lastly, you can take pictures of the tactics and events and send them to  #event-pictures.

Battle Tips/Tricks

Usually during big battles, there is going to be a lot of server lag in game due to the large number of penguins being in the same room. You are recommended to do the following, so that you are able to reduce lag, and do the formations and tactics as efficiently as possible during events.

1. Turn off penguin names and and set the game quality to low by going to the settings on the chat bar of your screen.

2. Leave your puffles in your igloo before events, you can always walk them after the events are over. Puffles are cute and all, but they also take up space and contribute to the lag.
3. Dancing also increases lag, so please don’t dance during our events.
4. Don’t throw snowballs during events unless they are part of the tactics and you are given commands to do so.
5. Press or = on your keyboard in the game to reduce the lag.
6. If there is still too much lag for your computer to handle, you can always switch to Old Client on Club Penguin Online.(Link-https://old.cponline.pw/)

That’s everything you need to know about how to battle! If you have any questions, feel free to ask DW staff! We are more than happy to help you guys out!


How to Recruit

There are many ways to recruit for the Dark Warriors! Keep on reading to find out how YOU too can be a Dark Warriors Recruiter!

➤ The most recommended way of recruiting is going into a populated server with five bars (for example: Alaska) with another person or in groups, asking people to join Dark Warriors or just simply trying to grab everyone’s attention.
➤ The best place to recruit is in crowded rooms like town, plaza, dojo, party igloos/rooms or the digging area in the mine shack.
➤ You can say several phrases such as “GOOGLE DARK WARRIORS OF CP” or “Visit darkwarriorscp,com and join our Discord”.

➤ Ask around politely to other penguins if they want to join the Dark Warriors. Interact with them! An easy way to get good recruits is going up to penguins individually and asking if they would like to join.
➤ Inform them about our army and what we do if they don’t know what armies are.
➤ Finally, on other Club Penguin Online discords, you can ask around or ask your friends if they want to join DW. They have to say yes before you send the invite link.
➤ Good luck out there!

Here are some recruiting lines that you can use!

  • Just go to DarkWarriorsCP,com and JOIN OUR DISCORD SERVER
  • Attend OUR HUGE EVENTS FOR 6000 coins

Important tips to keep in mind when recruiting:
➢ All recruits must have an account on CP Online.
➢ Make sure to reply if CPO Mods (they have a different name color) ask you questions to avoid getting banned or kicked on your CPO account for auto typing.
➢ Be patient when recruiting, and don’t give up!


Congratulations on completing the Dark Warriors Beginner’s Guide! You are now equipped with the knowledge to become a real Dark Warrior! We hope to see you at our events and in-game representing our army. If you are still confused with anything after reading this guide, feel free to ask any of the DW staff or owners on our Discord! We are always more than happy to help anyone who needs it.



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