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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Dark Warrriors CPO History

DW Club Penguin Online History


July 25th 2015Freezie66 issues a final retirement from armies on the Dark Warriors website. Following this, the Dark Warriors drop from being the #1 army to mediocrity for the rest of the year.

2015 – 2019The Dark Warriors website and history is destroyed and changed into Night Warriors by Xxtoysoldier & Drake. Afterwards, Xxtoysoldier, now known as Left & Drake went and led Rebel Penguin Federation for many years while they left DW dead.


November – Freezie66, Dark Warriors legend returns to armies for the first time since 2015 as an Advisor in Redemption Force – then becomes leader of Doritos following a disagreement with Reacon


December 5th,– Following years of inactivity on the website, Epic101 contacts Freezie66 and asks him to help restore it. All Night Warriors content is deleted & the Dark Warriors website is fully restored, implying an imminent return.  On the same day – the following post is made.

December 5th – December 20th – A Dark Warriors Discord is made by Epic101. Many DW Veterans such as Spi101, Andrew24, Freezie66, Agent 11 join the Discord. At the same time – the Doritos and Night Warriors participate in the Christmas Chaos Tournament – with Doritos, led by Dark Warriors Legend Freezie66 dwarfing every other army and being surely favourites to win it.

December 21st – Doritos defeat the Penguin Defense Force in the Semi Final to progress to the final of the Christmas Chaos. On the eve of their semi final battle vs the Royals – the Night Warriors merge into the Dark Warriors, giving DW their Semi Final position. Freezie66 retires from Doritos at the prospect of facing Dark Warriors in a final. On the same day – Dark Warriors host their return event, led by Epic101 and Twaseen.

December 22nd – On the day of the Christmas Chaos Semi Final against the Royal Family – Spi101 & Freezie66 return to the Dark Warriors leadership. Epic101, Twaseen, Freezie66 & Spi101 lead the Dark Warriors against the Royal Family and win easily with sizes of 55+. This set up a huge Christmas Chaos final against the Doritos Army

December 28th – Against all odds – the Dark Warriors max sizes of 80+ and match the Doritos Army in the battle rooms – winning the Christmas Chaos 2019 tournament after a week of being alive. Following the battle Epic101 retired as Dark Warriors leader, leaving Spi101, Freezie66 & Twaseen to lead.



January 1st – Dark Warriors declare war on the Doritos. Ice Warriors do the same & as a result – the Warrior Alliance is formed again for the first time in many years.

January 3rd – Dark Warriors successfully invade the Doritos Capital – Summit with no resistance.

January 6th – The Warriors Alliance (Dark Warriors & Ice Warriors) successfully invade the Dark Warriors former capital, Frosty from the Doritos. This marked the first time the Dark Warriors had owned Frosty since 2015.

January 11th – Doritos attempt to invade Frosty 5 days after losing it. This time – the Warrior Alliance conclusively beat the Doritos Army and secure Frosty once and for all. This signals the end of the TWA vs Doritos conflict. 

January 12th – Dark Warriors successfully invade Ice Box – the historical capital of legendary rival, the Light Troops

January 13th – Following the end of the Doritos conflict – many Doritos high command join the Dark Warriors – such as xbee, Glizzy & Noa

January 14th – Dark Warriors host a battle with our allies – the Ice Warriors.

January 22nd – Dark Warriors declare war on the Aliens Army –  a full statement is written by leader Spi101 here

January 24th Dark Warriors successfully invade White Out, the capital of the aliens Aliens with no resistance – led by Freezie66, Bee & Spi101.

January 31st – Myra/Qquaintrelle wins the Dark Warriors recruiting contest for January 2020 – having recruited over 60 people by herself by her own hand.


February 1st – Due to the decreasing inactivity of Freezie66 & Spi101 resulting in the army beginning to fall – the Dark Warriors shut down, one that looked to be permanent to preserve the legendary army.

February 26th – After almost a month of laying dead – the previous loyal Dark Warrior ownership (consisting of Noa, 44Griffman, Megann, Myra, Bee, Romeo, AlphaLaura) confront Spi101 and tell them their wish to revive the Dark Warriors. Spi101 accepts and a leadership of Bee & Romeo is formed to revive the Dark Warriors.

February 29th – The Dark Warriors host their return event under the leadership of Bee and Romeo and max sizes of 25+

MARCH 2020

March 8th – After a huge training session – Myra/QQuaintrelle & Noa/X Waddle are promoted to Dark Warriors Leader.

March 11th – Dark Warriors host a fun training event to prepare for upcoming conflict – maxing sizes of 20

March 13th – Dark Warriors declare war on the Templars Army

March 15th – As the coronavirus pandemic begins to spread globally – the world enters lockdown. Dark Warriors begin to rise. On this day – Dark Warriors hosted a St Patricks Day Parade, maxing 32 soldiers.

March 16th – Dark Warriors successfully invade the server of Ice Palace from the Templars Army, with no resistance.

March 18th – Dark Warriors successfully invade the full server of Walrus from the Templars. This time the Templars do show up – however Dark Warriors easily destroy them. This sparked a massive rise for the army.

March 22nd – Dark Warriors begin their journey in the March Madness Tournament by battling the Adventurers. . The Dark Warriors were so big that the Adventurers did not even show up – resulting in an easy 3-0 victory with sizes of 50+

On the same day – Dark Warriors migrate to the new Discord server worked on by the likes of Myra, Megann, Bee, Noa, Spi

March 23rd – MilkMan/Thanos becomes Warrior of the Week

March 30th – Freezie66 officially returns to the Dark Warriors Leadership alongside many others such as Kalel. On the same day – Dark Warriors hosted a stamp event, maxing a huge 75+ troops, signalling the beginning of a new Dark Age.

On the same day – Julia becomes Warrior of the week.

APRIL 2020

April 2nd – In the next round, the Dark Warriors were up against the Pirates Army #1 seeded in the tournament – led by CPO admins Epic101, Bay & Twaseen. Pirates also to this battle, had dominated CP Armies for years. The Dark Warriors did the unthinkable and not only broke record sizes of 100+ – but also defeated the Pirates Army.

April 3rd – Dark Warriors also launched their AUSIA Division led by Megann/supermeg500 & also enter a golden age, maxing sizes of 55+

April 4th – In the Semi Finals of the March Madness – the Dark Warriors took this on 24 hour notice after defeating the Pirates. DW successfully maxed sizes of 80+ and defeated the Royals – allowing us to progress on to the finals of the March Madness

April 7th – Dark Warriors host a fun Snail Event – where we maxed sizes of 80+

On the same day – Rishchamp45 becomes Warrior of the Week

April 8th & 9th – Dark Warriors declare war on the Aliens Army & invade their capital server White Out, with sizes of 80+ giving the Aliens no hope

April 13th – Fluvius becomes Warrior of the Week

April 15th – Dark Warriors battle the Golds Army – led by CPO Admin Bay and famous YouTuber/Streamer Bang. DW won with sizes of 80+ beating the odds once more.

April 18th – Dark Warriors host a massive parade of Frosty – maxing legendary sizes of 135 and showing we are the true number #1 army. After the event – Megann is promoted to Dark Warriors Leader and Julia is promoted to Leader in Training.

On the same day, Freezie66 makes a post explaining the decision to reboot the Dark Warriors

April 19nd – Dark Warriors announce new divisions for their army – Navy & Air Force. 

April 21st – Monstah becomes Warrior of the Week

April 22nd – The Navy & Air Force divisions host an epic battle, with DW maxing over 100 soldiers on Club Penguin.

April 24th – Dark Warriors host an AUSIA U-Lead Event, which turned out to be the biggest AUSIA Event in Dark Warriors History (2007-2020) & one of the biggest in CP Army history overall.

April 25th – Due to the Coronavirus making social distancing a thing worldwide, many graduation and other celebratory services have been cancelled world wide. However this did not stop the Dark Warriors, as we hosted a graduation event for all our troops, maxing a huge 115+ soldiers.

April 26th – For the first time since August 2015 – the Dark Warriors officially become the #1 statistical army of all Club Penguin. This was achieved after months of struggles and hard work, but it was done nonetheless. This was also the first unified top 20 armies of all Club Penguin platforms. Dark Warriors were the first to top it.

More to come ! The DW Legacy will never end

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