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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Dark Warriors Uniform

If you have any trouble finding any of these items, just wear anything black!


Step-by-step guide on how to get uniform.


Step #1

Go to the Clothing Shop in the town and click on the Clothing Catalog.

Then go to the ‘Classic Items’ pages (Yellow Pages)

In this catalog, you can buy:

The Black Sunglasses

The Black Sneakers

The Black Jumper

The Colour Black.

Step #2

Go to the Stage // Mall (at the Plaza) and purchase the scuba tank.

Step #3

Go on the Dark Warriors official discord and go to the #request-items channel, follow the format and request the Black Guitar and Black Bandana!

If you are not in our discord, join it by clicking here: https://discord.gg/SHWdcXF

229 Responses

  1. yay new uniforme

  2. cool out fit

    • i agree, i like the new uniform, if everyone wears it it will look so good in battle. im glad they scrapped the member and non member uniform because when everyone was wearing different things, it looked messy.

  3. i didnt see it i just saw commercials

  4. oh nvm lol i see it

  5. i hav uniform

  6. already wear all black uniform

  7. Where’s the uniform? I don’t see it.

  8. this is a good uniform

  9. how do you put on the close

  10. umm.. why im not in DW club i join it

  11. yeah,the uniform are great

  12. I hate it im wearing my uniform

  13. great have none of the items because i quit cp for a long time

    • Yeah, some people don’t have any coins, and that’s not fair. Just black is cool with me. 😉

  14. can we plz make 1 for members not saying that i am a member i just hav member items from codes

    • where the chat i didnt see it

      • On the side of the main page, there is a button that says: “Visit our Chat room” and there you are. Or you can scroll down a bit and find it on main page. 🙂

    • yeah they need one for members and i am a member its kind of dumb if I’m walking around cp when I’m a member in a nonmember uniform. so I’m not going to wear it a lot like i did with the one before this

      • I think its good to scrap the member/non-member uniforms because when everyone wears different things it looks messy and un controlled.

  15. Cool

  16. This uniform stinks

  17. the unifrm is the ugliest thing i have ever seen in my life before

  18. iv seen better uniforms but its cool

  19. i don’t have the uniform

  20. it dosent look cool to me

  21. but ill put it on if they all want

  22. have i joined yet P.S tell me when i have joined

  23. idk i dont rly like da new uniform

  24. The uniform isn’t really what you call “dark warriors”

  25. Do we have to wear this it has no black on the clothes and it looks like its meant for boys what about us girls 😦

  26. what if you dont have them do we have to wear it what about us girls? 😦

  27. hello,im dwayne frost in club penguin how can we battle?

  28. i just wear black stuff

  29. its all right

  30. ok new uniforms

  31. What I wear is epic! I wear that black pirate hat, Black Sunglasses, Black Electric Guitar, Black Sneakers/Brady’s Shoes and then Black Hoodie! But I am a member so yeah.

  32. lol this is great but they should keep like this
    memenr uniform and non member

  33. hey did not i just say that i tho k this uniform is little plain

  34. i did not like the uniform

  35. Can we wear other items on top too?

  36. lol

  37. get a new uniform

  38. why such terrible uniforms at all of these armys tho?

  39. can we where items that aren’t two two things


  41. i just got it what do i do
    go to cp the game

  42. I dont have the bandana…

  43. Just made this, nothing much.. But it’s more than a screenshot.

  44. Ignore/ delete that last comment. Fixxed the color

    “Just made this, nothing much.. But it’s more than a screenshot.”

  45. WE NEED A MEMBER UNIFORM OR ELSE IM JOINING THE LT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Yay fair for non-members 🙂

  47. that uniform is awesome

  48. bored today just leaving a random comment

  49. Like the uniform

  50. Get of club penguin stupid army! Your ads are getting annoying already!

  51. hi




  55. should i do modern or classic uniform?

  56. If u dont like the uniform here is what i wear:
    pirate bandana(black)
    black mask
    bulletproof vest (from herbert takeover)
    black sneakers(also from takeover )
    and i bring along my black puffle.
    P.S i am non member, but igot my my black puffle when i WAS a member

    • You can get that stuff in the Penguin Lodge item adder. Only use Penguin Lodge. Otheres are spam.

  57. when is the battle

  58. if ur non-member u should wear a bullet proof vest black sneakers a bandana and wear black

  59. Cute uniform!

  60. The modern uniform is so cooler then the new one

  61. i want to leave dark worriors

  62. i don’t have the stuff for it i can’t go so thats an bad uniform

  63. what if u dont have a membership for the uniform


  65. how do i get a black hoodie? im nm

  66. because i have everything but the black hoodie. Can i get a free membership to get the hoodie? PLz i will tell penguins about the dark warriors every day

  67. BOOO DW



    3. LOG ONTO CP

    4.PRESS F5 8 TIMES


  69. thats so fake, you shouldnt be allowed to post fake chain posts like that.

  70. Do not say it is good. It is the DW uniform. ~AwesomeGirl

  71. hey

  72. thx for acepting my request to join i have all items for the uniform

  73. how do you get uniform

  74. hey brilliant outfit i must say.. i have 2 outta 4 of them items. wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

  75. i live trapped in the past…………………….

  76. You know about the uniform not being good, I’m talking to the people who don’t like it, it doesn’t matter if it isn’t right to the one up there, as long as it’s black. And not bright yellow.

  77. ello

  78. What if your a girl?!
    Can I just wear black hair?!

  79. Ok, I am kinda a new member and I never saw better uniforms

  80. plz tell me what the bandana is called

  81. I wear my own uniform so everyone knows where to find me. Ex: I moved spots in battle but no one could see my CP name and Zuke yelled get back in your spot daffy.

  82. what is the black sweatshirt and sunglasses called?

  83. I have the whole legacy uniform no hacks

  84. yes going to the battle in nantucket


    • Yes, we have. However, gender doesn’t really matter here. The outfit is meant to disguise your gender if you wear it properly anyways. If you want to clearly distinguish yourself as a girl compared to our other soldiers, then do whatever you please. You can wear whatever you want during events, but it’d really be nice if an official uniform was worn.

  86. where do i get the stealth op uniform

  87. Nice site and nice uniforms 😀

  88. can I wear red baseball cap
    I cant find the green one

  89. I can’t find the bow and arrow, jacket, green base ball hat, and the glasses!

    • The bow and arrow, jacket, and black glasses can be item added. The green baseball hat can be found in the Clothes Shop.

  90. sorry i dont have anything proper, just gonna wear balck

  91. can you guys make us members?

  92. can we use first uniform

  93. if we don’t like the uniforms can we just where anything black?

  94. I might not have the right glasses for the oldest uniform and it is ok isn’t it.

  95. i can’t get the items, im not a full member

  96. how do u get the glasses

  97. AWSOME!!!!!!!!!

  98. can you give me the codes for the uniform? I just joined and dont worry about the spy helmet i got that already

  99. how do i get the uniform?

  100. EPFAGENT doesnt work or the others for me ;(

  101. i can give u a nice banner or cutom penguin

  102. ??????

  103. The first one, EPFAGENT, is unique. It says “Already used.”

  104. is this something that if club penguin finds out about that you could get banned?

  105. I would have them by now if I didn’t miss spell it 80 GAZILLION TIMES DX

  106. where do we go

  107. where do we put the codes?

  108. this is really annoying, but the new uniforms ROCK!!!!!!!

  109. Hi! I’ve been following your weblog for a while now and finally
    got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from Atascocita Tx!
    Just wanted to tell you keep up the good work!

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    and wanted to mention that I’ve really enjoyed browsing your weblog posts.
    In any case I will be subscribing for your feed and
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  111. I am a NM so I cannot get that

  112. when is the time of this

  113. going to cp prom at school

  114. can we have our puffel with us when we are in uniform

  115. the helmet and armor codes dont work :I

  116. yes the helmet and armor code work

  117. i have my own uniform which looks cool can i wear that?

  118. FERIASPC doesn’t work

  119. Wait Guys where do u put the codes?

  120. Hey this is roxykitty I can’t go to the right iceberg and my tablet won’t let me on chat so can you still give me a code?

  121. I can’t get the backpack!

  122. I got the uniform

  123. Hey LEaders my codes for suit didnt work so i am oKurosu with backpak thing black skin and head mask

  124. one of the codes expired? uhhh idk how to get the backpack then .-.

  125. NON OF THESE WORK update pls

  126. The code FERIASCP didnt work for me

  127. none of the codes worked for me. it says they all expired, so can anyone help me get the uniform?

  128. Woow lucky i have 2 items just nto the backpack

  129. all of the codes have expired

  130. new uniform!

  131. im like LT more then NW ,NW get reck by LT 1 vitoric to LT glory to the light 😀 real membership code they away won

  132. Can anyone tell me the name of the items i know one is tie fighter costume but what are the others

  133. what if we were members and dont want to remove our outfit. cos we cant put them back on????

  134. [head] baseball hat [neck] red hanercheif


  135. i cant find the tie fighter costume in the item adder!!! help i want to be a part of this army but i cant get the uniform

  136. lol bots always raid us its very common.


  137. how about just anything black!

  138. The item adder doesn’t work for me anymore. It says “connection times out” all the time and I don’t have the deflective vest or grappling hook.

  139. can anybody add me to the ranks? ive been trying…

  140. Long time no see guys i’ll be joining you but Idk when see you soon.

  141. Long time no see guys i’ll be joining you see you soon.

  142. long time no see

  143. I’m having trouble with the chest. It always gives me a error everytime

  144. yo it expired fam

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