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    Welcome to the legendary Dark Warriors of Club Penguin Online

    On the original Club Penguin, we were ranked as the strongest army in history. We were created in October 2007 by Ambrosha, and we lived until 2015. We had many wars with legendary armies – and now in 2019 we have made a return to Club Penguin Online

    The Dark Warriors do not necessarily seek to do what is right. We seek to grow our army and become the biggest, providing a fun environment for all our troops.

    We burn the light!

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Hall Of Fame

★The Dark Warriors Hall Of Fame★

Since the creation of the Dark Warriors by Ambrosha back in 2007, we have left many marks on the CP Army World since then, and continue to do so today. We have some of the most Legendary Soldiers and Leaders in all of CP Armies and some of the most important figures in History. Everyone who makes it onto this page has the right to call themselves DW Legend. We’ve had people from all over the world come to Join the Dark Warriors and this is where we celebrate their legacy to this magnificent army.

Gold = CP Army Legend


2007 was the beginning of this fine army, where the main foundations were laid down by DW creator, Ambrosha, and Co-Creator Elite. They set up the first Dark Warriors website and xat chat, and recruited many soldiers, some notable such as Hammerzboy and Antonov. Throughout this year DW remained as a small army, but one who could put up a fight. Without the influence of Ambrosha creating us, the Dark Warriors would not be here.


Since Ambrosha created the Dark Warriors on October 16th 2007 they have been a force to be reckoned with. Ambrosha was one of the greatest leaders the Dark Warriors ever had and laid a strong foundation for the army to be built upon. Not only did he have massive success within the Dark Warriors themselves, Ambrosha also had much success with other armies such as TWA, IW, and Golds. Ambrosha is undoubtably not only a Legend of the Dark Warriors, but also a CP Army Legend.

Elite 910

Elite is known to many as the creator of a modern generation of the Dark Warriors. Elite is responsible for helping create the Dark Warriors 2nd Generation along with their first Golden Age. Elite also returned to leadership during the 3rd Generation and helped lead the Dark Warriors back into large sizes and making them once again the force to be reckoned with.

Lorenzo Bean

To those who remember Lorenzo Bean, he was one of the key people responsible for the creation of the 1st and 2nd Generation of the Dark Warriors. He was always a great leader who could be depended on to bring great things to the Dark Warriors, not only did he have great success with the Dark Warriors but also with the likes of the Ice Warriors and the Army of Club Penguin.


2008 was a year of transition for the Dark Warriors, following the departure of Ambrosha and Elite 910 as leaders. Many troops joined to this year and put their mark on the legacy of the historic Dark Warriors. Some notable troops of this year include, Hammerzboy, Antov, and Donut, who still is actively serving the DW to this day. Throughout this year there were many changes to the leadership, and ultimately a young Donut could not help dismantle the influence Ambrosha created in 2007.

Donut67890 (Jack)

Possibly the longest running Veteran of the Dark Warriors having been in the Dark Warriors since he joined on May 10th 2008, Donut is responsible for creating the 3rd Generation of the Dark Warriors which we’re still in today, he also created the 2nd Golden Age of the Dark Warriors from which he brought back the Dark Warriors from the dead and recruited a mass amount of soldiers and got the Dark Warriors constantly full chats and large battle numbers and managed to get the Dark Warriors to the Top 3 in the Top 10. He has also been involved in every other Golden Age and has saved the Dark Warriors from extinction multiple times.


Anton was one of the main figures of the 2nd Generation of the Dark Warriors. He was the main battle commander and led the Dark Warriors to many victories himself, he also occasionally visits the Dark Warriors and makes sure previous sites remain a monument in the Dark Warriors glorious history.


Hammerz Boy was the most active and loyal leader of the Dark Warriors during the 1st Generation. He would once again make the Dark Warriors legacy known and was also the one responsible for the battles and also recruiting many new soldiers into the Dark Warriors. He is responsible for keeping the Dark Warriors alive after the Ice Warriors merge.


2009 was the beginning of the modern DW. Many DW Legends were recruited during this year, including Xiunknown, Feephill/SaW, Debbie, Circa, Fallen/DreamGuitar, Andrew and many more These troops were all very young at the time, thus DW was considered a very immature army. Nonetheless, DW was excessively large during this year, and it was the first time DW tasted world power status. This year will be forever remembered by those who were around it.

SaW (Feephill)

SaW has been a main figure in the Dark Warriors for many years, he is recognized as possibly the greatest Battle leader in the history of the Dark Warriors and has been recognized for helping the Dark Warriors rise to new levels many times. To this day SaW’s legacy has lasted throughout and will continue to shape DW History for a long time. SaW is known as the best recruiter in CP warfare, and as a result of this he has recieved a CP Army Legend Status.


Circa was without a doubt a key factor for the 1st, 3rd and 4th Golden Age of the Dark Warriors 3 of which he was a Leader at the time and was responsible for many Dark Warrior victories through a use of cunning strategy. Circa was also responsible for the 3rd Golden Age along with Khimo and played a big role in getting DW back into the top 10.

Fallen (Dream)

Dream was a leader of the Dark Warriors during the 1st Golden Age which he contributed heavily to and was one of the main masterminds behind the idea. He led the Dark Warriors to many victories including the war with the Fire Warriors. However in his most recent leadership he caused chaos by resetting the DW Chat and deleting pages and was honorably discharged in 2012.


2010 will be known forever as the “comeback year” of the Dark Warriors, after a devastating hacked and deletion of the Dark Warriors site in 2009 the Dark Warriors never recovered and broke apart forming new armies. For a while the name Dark Warriors was thrown around in many attempts for people to seek attention, leaders such as Hedcog, Shallow57 and Orange2224 tried to revive the Dark Warriors but none were successful. However the Dark Warriors did rise once again in 2010 when Videogamer57, TheKid18 and Donut67890 stepped up to the challenge and brought the Dark Warriors into yet another Golden Age.


2011 was one of the best years in the Dark Warriors entire History, with leaders like SaW, Circa, Khimo, Donut, TheKid and more the Dark Warriors had frequent battles for the Top 3 spot and were engaged in many great wars. It is also the year that many future Legends of the Dark Warriors would begin to prosper such as Pufpuf103, Crazy186, and Freezie66.


Khimo, along with SaW, has been a main figure in the Dark Warriors for a very long time and has been in every DW generation since he first joined Donut6780′s leadership. His best times as leader were with SaW and another with Phipy and Circa. It was his second leadership where he started out from scratch as a solo leader and got the DW in the position to beat the strongest army at that time – the ACP, thus becoming the strongest CP Army and #1 in the Top 10 for the first time. He is a big part in the Dark Warriors history and has always been loyal to them.


2012 will be known as the year where the Dark Warriors finally rose to the level worthy of being called a Super-Power. One of the first leaders of DW, Elite 910 returned to the Dark Warriors in January 2012 and defeated the Pirates army. While the DW were small under Pufpuf103, Ttycool and Elite, they were the first signs that the army could live without past figureheads. Feephill returned in March 2012, along with a new leader, known as Xiunknown. Together, they led the Dark Warriors to many victories in 2012, including wins over IW, DCP, LT, and SWAT. The ultimane of this year will always be the 2012 Christmas Chaos win, where the Dark Warriors had 80+ on chat, with 60 on CP. During this year, many loyalists such as Crazy186, Kyle103, and Camera were recruited.


xiunknown is known as one of the most controversial leaders in army history, along with SaW. However this does not change that Unk has played a huge role in DW ever since becoming leader in 2012. He is able to motivate troops, and bring about fast rises to the Dark Warriors with his leadership skills. He is by far one of the best leaders DW have ever had, and alike to Circa when it came to war time. Lead the Dark Warriors to 60+ during the fall of 2012.


Puf may not be known as well as the three Greatest leaders above him, but his work and effort amounts to the same as theirs. Puf always stuck with DW and kept them alive during dark ages. He has been loyal to DW for almost 4 years, and that alone makes him a legend on this page. However, Puf’s hard work finally paid off in March 2012 when he lead DW to the top 2 along with SaW and Unknown. After SaW and Unk retired, Puf continued to play a pivotal role in DW’s success leading them to amazing sizes alongside other legends such as Freezie66, Spi101, and Crazy186. Puf has practically led DW since their recreation in November 2012, and has helped them achieve #1 on CPAC for an upwards of 20 times throughout his leadership. He is considered to be one of the most loyal Dark Warriors ever in history, and he is definitely one of the best leaders DW has ever seen. Puf is known for his never-dying loyalty to the Dark Warriors, having been recruited and working his way to leader.

Flo Rida1216

Flo started his CP career in 2010 with DW. He was a loyal troop all the way until he achieved his goal for being DW leader in 2012. He has made a huge influence when it comes to DW, with his leadership and dedication. He got DW into the top 5 numerous times and got DW to the #1 spot in CPAC. He without a doubt will go down into the DW history books and many other troops should look at Flo as an example of how loyalty can truly pay off.


2013 was a year where many DW Legends, such as Xiunknown, SaW, and Khimo all left for good. While the Dark Warriors dominated the first few months of this year, SaW and Xiunknown’s retirement affected the army greatly. With the rise of Pufpuf103, Crazy186 and Flo Rida then followed by Elite910’s return, the Dark Warriors stayed strong, but rather inconsistent. Dxdzn and Bearsboy10 joined the DW, theoretically merging the HSA. After their retirements, the Dark Warriors slumped to an all low in the Summer. Then came the return of forgotten DW Legends, Freezie66 and Donut67890 in August 2013. Together, they got the Dark Warriors newfound consistency in the Top 5 of CPAC, and then came the return of Spi101 to the Dark Warriors, where a new Golden Age was hit. 


Crazy joined the Dark Warriors as a member rank in 2011 and worked all the way up to leader. He helped get the Dark Warriors from being on SMAC all the way to 1st on CPAC. Crazy was promoted to leader in March 2013, he formed a strong partnership with Flo and together they both kept the DW at a consistent 25+ throughout the months of April/May. In June, Crazy led with Dxdzn, Pufpuf103 and Bearsboy, leading the DW with a 45+ victory over Nachos in a tourney Semi Final. In the fall, Freezie66, Donut Pufpuf and Crazy settled their differences and led DW to consistency not seen since SaW and Unk’s retirement. Together, Crazy, Spi, Puf and Freezie led the 2nd DW Golden age. Crazy is known for his fantastic chat recruiting skills, and his ability to hold an AUSIA event, thus creating the first DW AUS division


Freezie66 first joined the Dark Warriors in 2010 and was known as a hardworking 3ic and 2ic, his first leadership stint with Debbie wasn’t as successful as what was to come later from Freezie. He left all Club Penguin armies in early 2011 and remained retired for 2 and a half years. He returned in early August 2013 to a DW who were nearly dead at the time. However when Freezie eventually ascended to leader in August of 2013 his leadership skills had improved dramatically, he helped turn the Dark Warriors around from a despression to a Golden Age during every other armies fall period, he also managed massive feats with troop sizes on CP. Freezie saved the DW from death multiple times since his return in August 2013, he is definitely one of the best leaders in Dark Warrior History who could rival that of the greatest of all time. He will be forever remembered for his amazing turnaround in the Dark Warriors in the fall of 2013, bringing the army back to relevance for the first time since March 2013.


Dxdzn, most commonly known as the Hot Sauce Army Leader, saved the Dark Warriors from death in June 2013. DW was almost dead, however Dx retired from his position in HSA and joined the Dark Warriors along with Bearsboy10. Together they brought a huge rise only rivalled by some periods of time in DW history, defeating the Nachos during their Golden age. As well as leading, Dxdzn has always ensured the DW have had great graphics, and thus will be forever remembered.


While Spi did not become leader until 2013, he has joined the Dark Warriors in different periods of time. Spi first joined the Dark Warriors in 2011 as a member rank, and helped in battles vs LT. Since 2011, Spi had made several visits in and out of the DW until rejoining in December 2012, helping to create the “perfect” DW ownership, which helped DW hit a Golden Age. Spi would probably have succeeded SaW/Unk, but left DW in January 2013 due to Coff. Spi helped DW in several events before finally rejoining DW and claiming leader in November 2013. Creating and bringing arguably one of the greatest rises seen in armies, Freezie66, Spi101, Crazy186 and Pufpuf103 led the Dark Warriors to sizes of 65 in the Christmas Chaos final, aswell as winning wars against UMA and the Doritos. Spi101 marks himself as one of the greatest DW Leaders of all time.


2014 had a difficult start for the Dark Warriors. Despite the glittering Spreezie duo disbanding, Freezie66 remained kingpin of the Dark Warriors. However, Freezie66 couped Pufpuf103 in which many people disagreed with, and thus Freezie66 began to be hated in the community. This led the army to countless controversy and scandals throughout the opening months of 2014. It was clear Freezie66 was out of his prime and no longer the leader he was in 2013. However, a whole new Dark Warriors never seen before was invented. This is known as the revolution. Dark Warriors undergone transition for about a month, but by the time of June, Dark Warriors were at their best. The amazing leadership consisted of people such as Xxtoysoldier, Vo Yo, Silverburg and others. The Dark Warriors have been ranked first for the whole summer and destroyed many armies such as the Doritos, the RPF, the Light Troops, etc. DW Summer 2014 will truly be unforgotten. After the coup of Elmikey at the end of the Summer, many legends such as Pufpuf103 and Spi101 returned. During September, DW killed RPF and Doritos at the same time in the same war. Soon after, many leaders retired. Freezie66 made a final return despite high tensions with DW, and vowed to win DW’s first tournament in two years. Dark Warriors successfully won the Champions Cup III in October with ease, blazing every other army away. Drake, Spi, Silverburg and Toy returned in December in an attempt to finish off the year. The Dark Warriors reached massive sizes only rivaled by the previous Summer, and also defeated the Light Troops to win the Christmas Chaos IV. Dark Warriors won 2 tournaments, 2 biggest army awards, and 2 biggest rises awards. 2014 was the greatest year in DW history.


Elmikey joined DW and led what is known as the DW revolution. Elmikey installed a new leadership and leads with them. His leadership stood strong for about 8 months. He called those he chosen to lead “The Agents”. Upon joining The Agents reset the army, and started it from scratch. Within a day they reached sizes of 50+ Now this newly revolutionized Dark Warriors is the strongest, most powerful army in history, reaching sizes of 70-100+ often. About 99% of the people in Dark Warriors, were never in a CP Army before joining us. Elmikey’s Dark Warriors legacy will always be remembered as being the best of Club Penguin Armies. Elmikey was overthrown, but has shown support for DW since then. Many have tried to erase Elmikey from DW’s history. Elmikey has recorded many videos of DW battles he led which are available to find on youtube. This piece of history will never be forgotten.


Although he joined a bit later than most legends did, Xxtoysoldier is a well-known army leader, and especially became known for his leadership in the Doritos of Club Penguin. Following a fight between himself and the leaders, he joined DW in April 2014 for the rank of leader. He helped the Dark Warriors grow with his recruiting skills. However, in May, XxToysoldier had to retire from the army due to personal reasons. In a surprising turn of events, XxToysoldier, Vo Yo and Silverburg, the New DW Agents, came back to the army as leaders, due to the Dark Warriors lacking in troop count, and brought them back to even greater heights. Alongside with Vo Yo and Silverburg, he got DW to sizes of 100+ during DW Summer 2014 which was DW’s Second Golden Age. He won DW Leader of the year in 2014.

Vo Yo

Although he joined later than most Legends, Vo Yo should definitely be remembered as something special. He is one of the only Club Penguin recruits to become an Army Leader, which shows that ANYBODY, if they dedicate enough time and show loyalty and self-confidence, can do whatever they want and accomplish all of their goals. He has helped DW lots and is praised for his great recruiting and leadership skills. Him, alongside xxToysoldier and Silverburg, got DW to sizes of 100+.  He is appreciated for his time in DW, and time can only tell what he will do next.


Silverburg first joined the Dark Warriors in May 2014 as an AUSIA Leader, and kept them to consistent sizes of 35+ within his division. He then became a US Leader and worked alongside XxToysoldier and Vo Yo during the summer of 2014. Together, the legendary trio led the Dark Warriors to sizes of 100+ and helped DW maintain the top spot on CPAC for the whole summer. He will be remembered for his recruiting and leadership skills, and will always be remembered for his dedication to the army.


On March 29th, 2017, Club Penguin Armies reached to a conclusion due to the shutdown of Disney’s Club Penguin. The Dark Warriors at this time had swapped to the Night Warriors in leadership of Xxtoysoldier & Drake, and due to a generations end as the Night Warriors with a rebellion rising as the Night Rebels, the Dark Warriors website & name was left tarnished. The Night Rebels shortly shutdown and much of the remnants of DW was left buried. Due to the Introduction of Club Penguin Online, a rebirth of Disney’s Club Penguin, the Dark Warriors make an epic return in leadership of Freezie66 & ๖̶̶̶§pi101. The Dark Warriors quickly grew to sizes of 70-80+ in their first week, and with the return of Ice Warriors beside them, the two armies reform one of the oldest alliances in CP Army History – The Warriors Alliance. An alliance war was declared on the Doritos of CP, maxing sizes of 80+ together as two armies combined against the #1 ranked World Power CP army in the new generation of CP armies. The End of 2019 to the start of 2020 was the restoration and faith of the Dark Warriors after the army was left in shambles.


Myra was one of the first people to join the Dark Warriors after they reopened in December 2019 following five years of closure. She worked her way up the ranks, recruiting hours upon hours a day eventually making it to Third in Command. She proved herself to be one of the greatest recruiters DW had EVER seen. However most importantly, Myra was a loyal Dark Warrior throughout, even through the tough times when she could have left for another army, she stayed loyal to DW. However, she will always be remembered alongside others such as Bee, Noa, Megann & others for reviving the Dark Warriors after a shutdown occurred in February 2020. She helped create and reshape the new Dark Warriors Discord so that it would be much more efficient and recruit friendly, and as a result of this over 2000 users have joined Dark Warriors Discord in less than a month – allowing us to hit a new golden age and hit sizes and create a community never seen before. For this, Myra is a Dark Warrior Legend.

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